First 5inch Racer


Hey Guys,

I know this isnt a micro quad related question, but im planning on building my frist mini quad (5inch) and you are my go to guys for any quad related questions.

These Are the parts im looking forward to buy:

So what do you guys think, which FC, VTX Or ESC should I use



Hi Luis

Just some comments first on the components you have chosen - are you planning to freestyle, race or both? The Karearea talon is designed as a race frame and the Steele motors are designed as freestyle.

The runcam is about to release a v2 of the split shortly, it fixes some of the minor issues with the first version.

The HQ 5x4x3 are commonly used as a freestyle prop and perform great but are brittle. The Dal 5040v2 is a clone but made from much more durable polycarbonate (Dal poycarb is legendary!)

If you stick with the talon frame, you’ll probably want a 4 in 1 esc as addiing individual escs to each arm defeats the purpose of a vertical arm frame a little (Joshua Bardwell did it but seemed to regret it). I hear good things about the speedix 4 in 1 for this scenario.

I only really know betaflight in terms of flight controllers and my favourite here is the Matek F405 which is well priced and appears very reliable.

For VTX the matek vtx and Unify HV are good and include adjustments via OSB but there are a raft of budget ones coming our that may rival them (on paper at least) for about half the price - e.g. the new AKK one.

Just my opinions on how I’d build but depends largely on your preferences and objectives. Good luck and have fun. I much prefer building 5" quads as they are less fiddly!


Hey Monkeymagic,

thank you so much for your detailed answer. I think im more of a freestyle guy, so i changed my mind a bit,
I think the Armattan camelion suits my purposis a little bit better.

These are the new components for my potential camelion Build

So thats it i hope, what do you think of these Components?

Keep up your kind Support.


Your build is top shelf stuff! I am way too cheap for that hehe.

The Chameleon is too flash for me but is a great freestyle choice from what I hear and see.

I hear those motors are very torquey in the mid range so would be good for freestyle. 28g is light for 2306.

Don’t know much about TBS escs, I’d go for the Speedix though because they are cheaper with more current overhead and I do know speedix escs are very good.

Got for the rotor riot run cam 2 if you want a full size cam, much faster in light transition - Joshua Bardwell recently did a review on several cameras and this was one.

That VTX is very good but get the non-race version which goes up to 600mW - more power is good when you are flying by yourself.

For FC/PDB/VTX I’d actually recommend this now that you are going for separate ESCs:

Dal Cyclones are my favourite prop :smile:


I love the all-in-one functionality of the TBS Powercube. From a convenience and functionality perspective, it’s great and very complete, and in my experience, TBS’ support has been top notch. That said, it’s got an F3 (sufficient, but not “cutting edge”). The OSD for PID and VTX are the best I’ve found so far in an integrated package.

I’ve also had experience with the Raceflight Revolt V2 and Millivolt/Spark combos. They are pretty great performers (hardware), can be very high performance (software) and have an innovative and well supported software component. I have the Bolt 4in1 ESC as well, but have yet to use it. Raceflight also released a V3 of their Revolt; their Facebook page has a nice video overview of the improvements. I’ve been frustrated by the lack of OSD and PID tuning support (via LUA scripts), but many don’t need that because the default tunings can be very high performing.

Personally, I’ve moved from DSMX to FrSky, but that’s mostly because I can; I started investing deeply into DSM, but found so much room to play (too much at times) with my Taranis.

Exciting to see this build come together for you! Glad you chose to share your project with us!


Let’s build


Is the metal part white on tour chamelon? Can’t tell from the lighting, but seems to match the motor


Bad to the bone! Enjoy every part of the build process :slight_smile:


Thank you guys, for all the help and support.
I would have a much harder time without you

Btw. The aluminium parts are grey :slight_smile: