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Finding spots to fly! (Can be really hard!)


This thread pertains to micro brushless and regular brushless set ups mainly because micros can be flown anywhere :slight_smile:

I have a few spots to fly, but most of them are over 30 minutes from my house :confused: Total bummer. So I’ve been looking for locations closer to home. I live in a really populated suburban area where most of the land has been either filled with houses or businesses. Very few large public fields within reach…

I have one location though which is a MASSIVE field right next to a supermarket/business complex, the other half of this field is all trees… I am super thankful for this location because it is within a few minutes from my home, and allows me to rip some packs quickly and bounce. However, it is always so populated with people going in and out of these business, people can obviously hear/see my quads and get a little curious sometimes I guess and kind of creep up on me to ask questions or watch or whatever. This can be a little sketchy sometimes lol…

So I decided to search on for a new spot close to home that wasn’t so populated, and i found one within 20 minutes of my house. This particular location is a detour road maybe less than 1/5th a mile away from the ocean coast, on a tiny little stretch of road that leads to a beach … ( I can’t fly at this beach because it is a state park, so that’s why I chose this road leading to this beach, because it is a public detour/fishing road…)

This spot is BEAUTIFUL to fly at, it films almost like a tropical paradise, but the catch is there is nothing but a channel of water on both sides of this tiny little stretch of road :-0

So yes, I get my peace and quiet from crazy people, but the trade off is a really sketchy flying/landing situation lol for expert pilots only, if you will… It is a little stressful flying here seeing as there is nothing but water/marshlands around me…

Hopefully one day soon I can find the perfect spot… little to no people, and little to no risk factor in sinking my quads! :smiley: until then… I guess I will just have to be a pro pilot and never crash. Maybe this location will sharpen my skills! :stuck_out_tongue: