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Finally some flight time!


I’ve been down for weeks due to quite a few really lousy experiences with spektrum, so when I finally got my tx back from them I decided to do my best to get my sciskys set up and programmed and ready to fly.

I had 3 115mm frames with scisky and 8.5mm motors, 2 H frames, 1 X.

One for Acro LOS

One for Acro FPV

One for Acro FPV #2 (always good to have a back up)

For my first Acro FPV quad it was 12g lighter than my back up Acro FPV. It snapped after one really bad crash lol that particular frame sucked anyway… (6 minutes flight time in HEAVY wind then crashed)

My second Acro FPV quad session was the flying pig, at 72 grams… that was fun but the motors were squealing! (5 minute flight time, landed at 3.7v for both of the Acro FPV quads… (casual cruising, only one top speed pass)

Landed both quads at 3.7v…

Then I few a couple of battery packs with my Acro LOS brushed quad. I ripped! Crashed a bunch, ripped some more and did one final BRUTAL crash that ended my session, but on a happy note. (All was fixable and is already fixed now so I’m ready for next week! )

Spektrum serious let me down… their customer service department has been rediculous to me, and I can’t wait never have to call them back again…

I’ll be posting videos of some of my LOS crashes and a few cool tricks (this time wax more crashes than cool tricks lol)

I must say the best thing about today’s session was I realized I finally found my perfect brushed FPV quads. They are without a doubt tuned for racing, and totally rip with my rates set the way they are… the best thing about them is I can crash many many times and they just get right back up. They may not be the lightest or the FASTEST but they rip and and user friendly…

I like luxfloat for this type of set up!

Now that I have these set up to spec, I can finally start building my next brushed monster… Going to make this next one a complete ripper, going to take my time on it to plan it out perfect! Will aim for minimal weight, and maximum KV motors from mmw, but with a REALLY strong frame…


Glad to hear you are having so much fun. If you havnt decided on a frame yet, may I suggest this frame:
Parrot RS frame

My parrot has dug more holes in the ground than I’d like to admit, but damn is she tough.
I love the lightweight CF frames, for their flight charicteristics, but I was flying less and fixing more. With the -18’s an extra gram or two doesn’t matter that much.
Can’t wait for some video, jealous, as it’s been raining and shitty here for a while.

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Thanks Kamsleo! I literally was so stoked with how things went…

Once i went home I set up both FPV quads with a really tough 115mm Carbon frame, and figured out how to hot glue them to the camera is PERFECTLY straight and extra tough without adding too much glue. These suckers can take some serious hits and just tumble for yards :slight_smile:

I will certainly consider that parrot frame… (Have always had a weak spot for it.) good to hear about how tough it is! I need to find a good FC that can handle 18s… i feel like putting anything higher than 15000kv would just blow up my 3 old school v1 sciskys lol

i will definitely post a short video of some LOS action with my 115mm Carbon X frame , sadly no DVR yet for FPV . :frowning: