Finally reached my goal for being

…sponsored by a company … But nothing has changed ! My heart is all in NFE and his Work and all the community especially on this forum because everyone is real here and everyone help each others . Ive learned so much here and im still learning every single day .

You have a question whatever it is and theres always someone to answer it .

The community here is like a huge FAMILY !

Love you all my FPV FRIENDS !

Special thanks to ;
@NotFastEnuf " The Boss "
@JBFPV “The Legend”
@Bobnova "The man who printed my first Boss 7 "
@Chaotix " The man who has always the answer "


Can’t watch youtube from wok… :frowning:
But I see you mentioned “Newbeedrone Team Piot”? Congratulations! :clap:

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Thank you buddy :slight_smile:

That’s awesome brother Congratulations

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Some well deserved recognition for a lot of hard work! Great job


At last, we’ll done, persevere and it pays off.


Congrats Kevin! Well deserved if you ask me. I have seen few micro pilots with so much dedication and perseverance.

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