Finally got Nano QX FPV to fly w/8.5mm Motors!

Hey Guys,

Wanted to share my build and fly video of an old Nano QX FC in a Parrot RS frame w/Upgrades. Goal is to get LONG RANGE and clear video in a micro with 8mm motors.

This addresses a few issues with Nano QX like:

  1. Dropping out of the sky early
  2. Upgrading Nano QX FC to handle 8.5mm motors

I was getting 4:17 flight times with:
Parrot RS Frame
8.5mm motors 820-015
480mah battery
200mW vtx

Thanks for watching. Next vid will be to extend range on Spektrum to get micro all the way around the block.



I really like your editing style man! The parrot frame is a great platform and I really enjoyed watching your vid. Looking forward to seeing the antenna range mod.

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Hey Pilsner, Thanks for watching and those encouraging words. I’ll be sure to post that Spektrum extension vid.

Watch out for a couple of fun ones in between.

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