Finally a nice session


In response to a much earlier post: I find 5" far more crashworthy than my micro builds. And while it does require a bigger space to fly in, the thrill of covering lots of ground, rocketing over large things, and generally exploiting the insane power/weight is hard to resist.

Also, don’t produce video for Youtube… do it for yourself (unless you are commiting to being a professional media whore).


Did you design your own 3d printed camera mount?
How much does the latest build weigh?


Yes, I always like to customize my builds, either by remixing existing models or creating my own. That way I can build them how I want, and I know there is only one quad in the world exactly like this. :slight_smile:

The weight, I’m not totally happy with yet: 47 grams without battery
It is what it is, pretty basic build. Only bottom plate, motors, 4 in 1 esc, FC, small beeper and AIO vtx.
Did use standoffs for the FC, might change that to double sided tape but there is not much else to save weight.

It flies great though! But I must try get a few grams off if possible.


True! That’s what I feel too, the fun is what counts :slight_smile: @Denovich is rarely wrong anyway!
Cheers guys


No need to be modest on @Denovich’s account, he’s NEVER been wrong.


Yeah, I like how you can build them just the way you want.

I have an XBL117 and it weighs 50.5g without battery. I’m very interested in building light. The KT100 is so much more affordable than something like the XBL117.
So far the lightest 1103 motor build spinning 65mm props I have seen is this. He said it weighs about 60g with a Turnigy BOLT 2s 500mah.
I have that battery and it weighs 32g so I estimate his build weighs about 30g without battery. That is insanely light.
I just wonder how well that frame will hold up in hard crashes. I’ve set the video to start at the FPV flight footage. It’s pretty nice flying!


Yep, I’ve seen that video, very good. Those kind of videos made me go for this type of build. Also the XBL117 was a great example. However 30 grams, not sure about that. My build is pretty much the same except it has a 4in1 ESC. The rest is supposedly lighter because I’m using one of those tiny XM receivers and a dipole instead of a cloverleaf.


I’am glad you liked the video @jayodas!
About the weight - I unfortunately don’t have an accurate scale - mine is only accurate to 5g. So for this quad it shows 30g, but it can be 27g as well as 33grams. So to have a reference point I also weighed a 500mah BOLT battery, which as you said weighs about 32/33 grams and it also shows 30g.
When I put the quad on the scale it shows 30g with a rare flicker to 35g - it tells me it weighs about 32-34 grams, but probably less than 35grams.
The quad + the battery shows 60g with a flicker to 65g

I will surely put it on a better scale when I get one, but with comparing the scale reading to the BOLT battery I think it is pretty accurate :smiley:


Whaa? During my second build today (backup quad) I kept an eye on the weight, just the parts; frame, FC, 4in1 ESC, motors and FX798T cam (with dipole), props and power lead are 40 grams! And that is without standoffs/hotglue/tiewraps/screws :flushed:
I thought a 4in1 ESC was lighter than 4 individual ESCs… maybe I should reconsider.

btw great video @thexboxblaster didn’t know that was you! :+1:


Thanks @JBFPV! How much does your frame wiegh? Maybe there is the difference. Also I used the Emax Femto FC which is a little smaller than the Piko BLX :smiley: I think I will be able to get a precise scale so I will be able to tell for sure how much does it weigh.


KT100 bottom plate, only 7,6 grams. Maybe the FC is a gram heavier but can’t find much else that is very different apart from the ESC’s. Mine is already a rocket with 65mm props at 47 grams so I can’t imagine it at 30! lol do want

I am using a 20 gram battery though which brings the AUW to about the same. But if I can get a few grams off I’ll take it :japanese_ogre:


Nice to hear from you @thexboxblaster and thanks for the clarifications. No matter what, that frame makes your build about 20g lighter than mine and that is incredibly light. How thick is the base plate? I’m guessing 1.5mm.
Have you crashed it hard and can give us some idea on how strong it is? :slight_smile:


My meter shows 1,7mm, but I must say it seems really stiff! Looks like a really good carbon fibre.
I crashed it a lot, but mostly on grass/trees. I did crash once with high speed into a metal lamp, and the frame took it very well - no mark of the crash on it :smiley:
I even have a dvr (wind took me by surprise :D):


Those light poles are a real issue.


Holy shiz that thing had some pick up and go!.. the crook BL… the red beast? What size motors on that bad bear?


Also, I will suggest the crooks bottom plate design is flawless IMO… the way the arms are held together in the middle is STRONG!.. it looks fragile and lightweight but it is accurately designed to be tough and have like almost no flex. Also the quality of carbon fiber is amazing… but yeah if u guys r hitting 30g without battery i think I may need to rethink my keni 97 build, which is projected To be 58g with 1104 motors…


These are the 1103 8000kV @quadlifepro :smiley: Pretty punchy with 65mm props :slight_smile:


Skills for sure:medal_sports: