Finally a nice session


Micro Misfits!


Or Micro Motor Misfits

So it’s easy enough to add managers to a YouTube channel. Is this the beginning of a mmc flight team??


Like that even better, I’m in!


@chime13, @thexboxblaster, @JBFPV … would you fly for Team Micro Motor Misfits?

I would actively seek sponsorships from vendors, used to work in sales so very comfortable cold calling businesses and asking for support.

This is basically all inspired by @JBFPV with his phenomenal one clip rip. I just feel like he and many others deserve a team showcase in addition to each’s own personal channels.

Had a free moment so i created a YouTube brand channel on the off chance you guys are in. If you are, we will get you linked up as owners/managers so you can upload and manage the channel too. I’ll start a new thread with an invite for others, some general guidelines to participate, and a statement about the intentions of the channel and team. … it can always be deleted if this is a fail.


Don’t forget to include Dr Ben, and a plug for MMC with the logo!


Yeah, he’d probably want to see how we operate before he puts his good name on us. That’s really up to him. No reason we couldn’t get to that level of sponsorship though.


@NotFastEnuf - I’m very flattered, but to include me with the likes of @JBFPV in the same sentence…well, I might be good enough to be his battery boy, but that’s about it …-hahaha
I am so, not ready to share any flight videos other than maybe, what not to do…

Though, I’m good at keeping micros light… :slight_smile:


Have a little faith in yourself man… As mentioned before there is not much in the way of tricks that we haven’t all seen before. So it can be as much about good editing, music selection, the locations that you fly or a new obstacle you find to shred that you couldn’t get away with flying a big kwad, the experience of going to fly a micro that’s so different from bigger birds in general (vlog style arriving at a new spot to rip). At a 34 gram build weight … you’d surely be the brushed big air guy … showcasing epic punchouts over different obstacles! Everybody has their own thing … @JBFPV rips sic acro, I love low altitude high speed carving, just find your niche! With your 34g build I’d be skying it out over huge stuff that most guys would only air out with a 5" - no major flying skill needed for that - what’s impressive is what your build makes possible! I’d love to see that thing punch out over and over!


If @thexboxblaster gets us a sweet intro vid and we get an awesome logo - I would even step up as the first sponsor and use ebay canopy sales $$ to get us all shirts and hats! Hahaha.


Micro Motor Misfits - Team pilot
Ripping micro multirotors like they were flying bigger blades!


Great ideas @NotFastEnuf :smiley: I will be on the logo as soon as we settle on the name :smiley:
Micro Motor Misfits is cool with me, it sounds a little bit like “miss” though :smiley: I like the Micro Riot proposed by @Brainstorm but I understand how you don’t want it to be simliar to Rotor Riot @NotFastEnuf. I will go with any name we settle on :smiley: But I thought maybe we can do some brainstorming (:smiley:) to come with different names, and then maybe a vote?


Absolutely on the brainstorming… I’m in no rush. Should probably open that dedicated thread up to get as much input as possible.

I will reach out to rotor riot to get their feelings on the idea … maybe they like it and want to collaborate. Who knows


I’ll throw in a name suggestion, “micro quad squad” ! I hope I can be part of this too :slight_smile: sounds like fun!


I think this is an excellent idea.
I can fly, but my video editing software library is essentially zilch. I use VLC to wipe the raw static sound out, and… That’s it, lol.

What do y’all use for editing?

If I can get that part worked out, I’m in!

I like micro motor misfits I think. They’re all good, though I think I’d steer away from the word “riot” for a couple reasons.


I use virtual dub for the raw video the fat sharks record. Lots of cool plug ins to handle removing fisheye, rolling shutter compensation, deshaking. Can also set up external encoders which I use to to export video to prores format for final editing. Then I use davinci resolve for color corrections, motion tracking, luts, standard editing, and exporting to YouTube 720p. Davinci resolve is extremely powerful software for professional editing. Virtual dub is also powerful in a different way … but requires a high understanding of how to get software to work to its highest capability.
There’s lots of stuff out there, but for free - I’ve been able to produce the best results with these 2 for the tasks mentioned above. Video editing is a rabbit hole that has no bottom. One of the reasons I love working with dvr micro footage is that I feel less compelled to get completely lost there. Cut up the clip, add music, fire it off into the interwebs…
GoPro footage just begs for full treatment.


I’ll check those out. Thanks!
All I really need to satisfy my personal needs is the ability to cut and paste video (plus maybe captions and sound). Super simple.


jelle, what brushless motors do you run to be able to use the hubsans?

I really like the smoothness of that flight,seems to be a well balanced powertrain.


Hey, I’m using 1103 10000kv currently. They have a 1,5mm shaft so I used a 1,4mm drill bit to drill the hubsans out (they are designed for a 1mm shaft) works pretty good. Love the durability of clear hubsans. Next on my list are 65mm props, but I have to come up with a different camera mount which I’m working on right now.


That is really awesome acro flying @JBFPV! That’s exactly the type of flying I am gearing towards and I’m almost there. Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to get one of those KT100 frames you’re flying. Can you show a photo of the current build before you change the camera mount?


In the video I was using this:

The camera mount I made yesterday was a success! It allows using 3 inch props, or 65mm kingkong/gemfans:

Camera is well protected now, can take both split and non-split AIO, has holes for the tiewrap antenna and the view is nice with the motors in the shot, I like it. It’s mad with the 65mm props! Get some vibrations on high throttle but the thrust is crazy!