Finally a nice session


I’ve been having a lot of bad luck lately, breaking stuff, repairing, breaking it again after 1 lipo… but I finally got a nice session again without breaking my quad. Beautiful evening, no wind, quiet park, only bird sounds. Got into the flow, really enjoyed this flight. Hope you guys enjoy as well! :+1:


Sick! Micro brushless is the way to flow!


Thoroughly enjoyed that. How come you aren’t on the cut down gemfan train? Weight? Looks like those hubsans spin up quick for instant throttle response.


I’ve got them on order, so far I tried racerstar 2035, LKTR120, and now drilled hubsans. Can’t wait to see how the gemfans perform. Liking my good ol’ hubsans so far, not as much punch as the 2035 4-blades but much more durable. And I have a lot of hubsan spares :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

*oh and the LKTR120 fly similar to the hubsans.


So, another question if you don’t mind, it doesn’t seem like you’re running a lot of camera up tilt? Is that correct? Does that help to slow down the fast forward pace and push more acro? Or just a personal preference? Or did I misjudge the video?

Guess that was more than one question… oops


it is a good question though, what camera tilt you using @jbfpv?

someone correct me if I am wrong, but let’s say you have a quad that is way over powered for the flying location in terms of speed, one could just dramatically reduce the tilt angle closer to 0 to make proximity flying more manageable right?


Correct, I’ve been having to improvise a lot because I broke 2 vtx and an AIO cam in one week. So I kept having to come up with different mounting designs… this one has only 10 degrees or so. Usually I run 15-20 but yes I prefer not so much uptilt for acro. I enjoy dancing around obstacles/trees more than racing. The occasional cruise low down to the ground with 170 FOV is fast enough for me! :joy:

btw I’m using an old FX798T cam right now and damn! Notice it has much better picture quality than any of the other cams im using right now. (cheap 600tvl + vtx03, CM275T, tx03, etc) It was much more expensive though.


And again, really throughly enjoyed that. Wish you were pumping out daily videos like the YouTube flyboys… I’m tired of watching 5 inch quads. The flow over the shorter obstacles is so smooth you make it look weightless and effortless - like you’ve got so much time to put it right down the pipe. I’ve been trying to attack shorter and shorter obstacles and finding with higher uptilts - it all happens so fast that my corrections are erratic. We need to assemble a group to attack the 5 inch following with our own micro riot!
I would happily be one of your video minions…


Countless of times I have considered getting a 5 inch, but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. I have a 3 inch but in reality I don’t fly it as much because of the hassle. Can’t safely fly it in the park next to my house, more stressful to fly, higher crash costs, bigger lipo’s etc. Still balancing on the edge of pulling the trigger though. Those beautiful gopro video’s got me into FPV in the first place. The forest crash session, the parking garages, you know. Still a dream, over 2 years now.

So many good FPV pilots on Youtube though, really need something special to stand out nowadays. Even with the most insane flying it’s not going to cut it, we’ve seen pretty much all possible tricks. If I would go 5 inch and upload videos I’ll be ‘just another pilot’.

I’m liking the micro riot idea! I’ve been dreaming about getting serious with my micro video’s, but in reality I think the audience is too small, it’s too underground to be ‘profitable’. And flying, building, repairing, filming and editing video’s daily takes SO much time, no way I could combine that with my full time job. I struggle to edit a few video’s a week, working all day, charge batteries, eat, quick session, spend rest of the evening watching DVR footage, looking for music, editing. Maybe, if I do what Casey says: do what you can’t: Quit my job, get some professional camera gear, open up/get over my awkwardness talking to the camera, maybe I can do it. But it’s such a risk and it wouldn’t be smart. :sob:


Same here man, Im still studying though but also find it difficult to find time for editing, evdn though I love it. I have a build video recorded for probably a month now and still didn’t finish editing it (I hear you know something about it too haha)
The most important thing in the hobby though is to have fun - so I just do things that are fun for me :smile: and that is why I fly my micros most even though I have a 5" and 4", exactly the reasons you mentioned are true for me too. And I try not to overthink and worry about stuff too much, that will get you nowhere :smiley:

Did I say it was a sick flight? Oh, sick flight man :slight_smile:


Well I say we band together on a channel focused on showcasing micros, that way we can appear to have more frequent releases but also show multiple pilots. We just need a catchy name and a few interested participants. We’ll share an intro clip and logo and upload our best when we can. Or is that lame… maybe even spin some brushed acro videos too and get mmw to sponsor (just let us sport the logo to appear more official) lol

I think flying micros like 5" is the differentiator.


I would be all in on this :slight_smile: I even thought recently about reactivating the MMC pilots compliation for 2017 year :smiley:
If the idea continues I can try to create a logo/intro for the vids :slight_smile:


I say we make it an open door to anyone that wants to join in and be a team pilot too. I hate elitist type stuff - this is just a hobby right. I do want us to have a cool name & logo. Any ideas? Should we start a new thread to explore this further??

Micro Mayhem
Micro Maelstrom
Massive Micro Fpv
Team Mammoth Micro

I feel like an 8 year old kid trying to name a new club. Lol


Malvado Micro… Malvado = wicked, evil Pronounced (Mall + Vah + Doe)

Logo = 2 "M"s with the second “M” upside-down under the other “M”. This would create a frame of sorts…
Okay - that’s all I got.


I kinda Like Micro Rotor Riot / Micro Motor Riot :joy:
Not sure about the technical/practical part though, sharing a channel etc. And because of all the different flying, editing styles, music choice, it might become a little chaotic.
Liking what @thexboxblaster said, I’m thinking a compilation would be cool, like a skatevideo where everyone has got a few tricks, with your name in the corner of the screen :sunglasses:


I think variety in flying and editing style would be part of the charm of the channel. I bet in time, it would become more cohesive, like sorority girls getting on the same… never mind. Logistically, a few key team members initially could share a Gmail login/password and all have access on their own to upload. We keep a thread open here for additional submissions, just rip and repost. Consistent involvement would mean opening up the password to upload. There’s probably not going to be a lot of people that want to run with it long term.

Skate video compilations are cool too… just leaves all the editing on one guy unfortunately. That guy has to give up air time for screen time.


How about Team Bird Bones


While I’m in no position to contribute flying footage, I would gladly vote for a name. :wink:

I think Micro Riot is perfect! It’s fun. It’s short. It’s brilliant. It’s all we need. :smiley:

Better leave “rotor” out, as that is another channel’s name already. No need to have the motor in there either. That’d be like having “wheel” in a race car team’s name. :wink:

As for quitting your day job, that’s a lot of pressure and can ruin the fun. While it might be cool to make your hobby your full-time job, I for one have intentionally stayed away from that, for fear of ruining the fun and therapeutic purpose of flying. If you look at the Rotor Riot guys, Chad did quit his job in the oil industry. But Carlos has stuck with his dream job at an animation studio. Tommy and Steele didn’t have regular jobs. OK, Tommy worked as a DJ, but it obviously wasn’t paying well enough to hold on to. Same for Steele working at a hobby shop. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had enough run ins with trademarks lately as well. Lol. I don’t really want our good name besmirched by those guys anyway. Whatever you guys decide if you want to do it … I’m in.


I think I saw a possibolity to create a channel that can be edited from different gmail accounts, but I must check it and am not sure :smiley: