FETS in the UK

Hi Everyone this is my second post here and I have to say this forum is brilliant!

I am after some brand new fets for my FC’s I have laying around. Ive done a lot of salvaging for parts and its hard to find working sets.

So, would you please be able to point me in the right direction for ordering suitable replacements for these micro flight controllers please. I am in the UK and do not want to order from overseas if it can be helped.

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

I’m sorry, but what do you mean by fets?

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Hi Hunter,

They are semiconductors that drive the motors.
Tiny black rectangles with 3 metal legs poking out basically…
Cant seem to find a decent picture sorry.
If I had these, I could replace a number of old boards.


Ack, trying to find decent prices in the Uk for FETs and other components is hard I find. You could try Farnell.com, uk.rs-online.com or mouser.co.uk but prices for packaging and shipping can be extortionate unless you go for a huge number of items.

If you can wait, Aliexpress is good for prices and quantity. Ebay is overpriced I find. Sorry not much help considering you don’t want to ship overseas.

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I think mouser would be my go to, but I haven’t dealt with their UK end.
Digikey is US only unfortunately.
If you can wait, AliExpress may be the way to go, though there’s some question as to how authentic the parts you get will be.
Mouser at least you’ll get what you ordered.


Farnell uk have uk stock and for small quantity may have reasonable postage, worth a look. You need to know what specs you want and make sure to buy n-type, switching negative.


Thank you for the input guys. I will keep looking but had no luck so far :frowning:

They seem to be like gold dust and then its finding the right one. Such a shame.
I think I will just keep salvaging random ones and see what works and doesn’t.
Have loads of old servos I could strip and find good ones.
I did this last week with astonishing results after nearly giving up on micro fpv. It was an old esky servo that saved the day…Good times
Again, Thank you!

What type of flight controllers are these? Knowing what type of FET is on the FC would help and if you cannot locate them in the UK at a reasonable price I may have what you need on hand either in my parts bins or the FC bone yard. It is usually right about 15$ to ship from the US to the UK so not sure if it would be worth it for you but the offer is there if you can tell me what FET/FC you need.

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If you need IRLML6244TRPBF fets I could send you some from Germany. Shipping as a ordinary letter should be cheaper than from US.


Hi people.
Thank you for the great responses and effort you go to, to help a fellow whooper.
I am really not sure exactly what type they are but they are labeled as ‘2310’
They will be ones that fit micro boards that run 6mm motors. I have a set now from a set of servos that works flawlessly and have had no issues so far so as of now I am all good. Good job my soldering skills are adept :smiley:
I would like to add that I found more enjoyment from searching and experimenting than I would have if I ordered them. Obviously be careful how you choose and use.
Thank you guys and I will most certainly let you know if i need some help with that.
Happy whooping

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Another to try is rapidonline.com (uk based) I find thet are a bit cheaper than RS. They also sell great value solder. Don’t forget to seach for “MOSFET”. Good luck.

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@yets What your suggestion about Enrgtech

Hey @peter if I’m honest I’ve heard of them, so it’d be a new experience. I’ll always recommend rs-online now as they’re next day delivery and I use them for work too. Let us know how Enrgtech work out