[FC] - scisky: fully integrated, 2.5g, CleanFlight FC

Did you calibrate acc in setup tab?
If not, try that.
And make sure fc is level when testing.

I calibrated earlier, but did it again. Now I have lipo connected and propellers. It behaves like in cleanflight test. With careful throttle motor 2 does not spin at all, and it starts to spin only later with more throttle.

Does it do this in acro/rate mode? If so its probably a FET or a motor. Are you using motor sockets and plugs or directly soldering your motors. If direct solder check for cold solder joints on the suspect motor. Have you tried swapping the bad motor for one of the other good motors to see if its the motors that fails or the motor connection?

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The same behavior in acro mode (blue led off).

Motors are in practice directly soldered even though I do have picoblades in the middle of the wire. I purchased incorrect ones, with wires. I also swapped motors and still the same motor 2 is the lazy one. Definitely can be cold solder joint, my skills a not that good. I’ll redo that one. Thanks

I do not know whether this proves anything but I did the following: resoldered the motor wire and also took yet another brand new motor and replaced number 2 with that. No change, the same behavior.

Then I took the FET out of the PCB (with rework hot air gun) and though I found something. It seemed like one connector was not having solder at all so I soldered the FET again to the PCB (with no previous expertise :), assuming that it will be totally broken after that). After a quite long operation (took about an hour) tested and the result was motor two spins full speed immediately after connecting lipo. Short examination and correction on motor wires and then no action at all. Totally dead motor.

Then I noticed my skills were not up to the task, FET was hanging on the board with one feet. Again some hot air and now the situation is the same than originally: motor 2 again spins, but with the same problem as originally.

But I think I could now consider replacing the FET. I managed to take it off the board and put it back successfully. Just need to get a new one though. If I remember correctly, somewhere here in this topic there is an exact info available.

Let’s see whether the story continues or not… in any case, ordered two sciskies more. Banggood has those again in stock.


There are other sources out there too (China).

Keep us up to date how it goes.
Good luck.

Nice detective work, man. You’ve got the spirit!

My scisky did ok for a short while, now the motors will no spin. The transmitter does connect and all commands are seen in cleanflight. When testing the motors in cleanflight they do not spin. I think the quad arms (how to check?)

Someone having fully functioning scisky: does “motor test” in cleanflight spin the motors? Mine does not, but this is my first one so I cannot say is this normal or not. I suppose it should, considering all the warnings about propellers.

Only if you have a battery connected.

@Nuffe, good job with the fet soldering. That is a fiddly little job.

is connecting battery and USB not supposed to fry the board?
I have tried all I can think of to bring life back to my motors, I can not get them going. Any suggestions as to why would be appreciated.

@larsmikkelsen when you power up and try to arm, what are your FC’s led’s doing? Which are solid and which are flashing?

after a few seconds the green stops blinking and only the red is on. I am connected, because when I flip the aux switch the blue led comes on.

No green light = no arm.
Blue light = Angle or Horizon mode

Thanks, so it is not arming. I have tried both setting a switch and using the sticks, no luck either way.

You may be moving the quad too much during power up. Try sitting it really still and connecting the battery, then after it initializes, secure the battery and try to arm.

Thanks, It sit quiet and level, the green like blinks for a few seconds and then goes off.

Can you post a cli dump? or some screen shots for us to look at? Some one may notice something.

Go to the receiver tab. Move the throttle to max and min. Does it register the full scale 1000-2000 if not that’s probably where your problem lies. You need to get the throttle value below min_check(?) in oder to arm.

(Or whatever the name of the parameter is)