[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



I’ve got the hex adapter with my most recent board and will build this weekend. Prototype reggae shark hex frame needs a brain. Looking forward to it as I’ve never had a hex.


I’ve got the Shark Hex, I’ve got motors, just need a FC… Now you are making me really jealous. I’ve been looking at this frame for a few weeks now and finally getting around to doing something with it.



beep checked the lead from RX to FC and also the seperate pins on the fc and the RX for continuity or shorts and all was ok. No resistance in the lead and no shorts in the board or the RX.

I’m using a plastic frame so no chance of it shorting out there, I did notice that the buzzer pads have 3.2V on them when I plug in the battery.

Any ideas?


im having the same issues with yaw drift did you found anny soliution?


hey giles. Did you make the custom BF hex file for the Piko. Im still having the yaw drift issue. and it comes with all of your boards


Download the bf3.0.1 hex from website and flash as per instructions in the manual. Betaflight flys nicely on 3.0.1


what about the Yaw drift? are you experiencing some ?


That’s the one, I fly acro so no drift but I believe it’s sorted in angle in this build.


I used the custom BF version provided by @giles, and I don’t have any yaw drift.

I only ever experienced yaw drift with scisky FC and BF <= 3.0.0 (but not relevant anymore because I only fly in acro mode since).


Footage from the 808 #18 keychain, 55g excl battery with Parrot props


Very nice
I need to keep practicing


I have seen this yard before :wink: Looks like you did some rearranging of the obstacles. So 55g without battery, you must be close to almost 70g AUW? What are you using for the marker cones?


Hey @giles I’ve been dealing with some tech support with builds using the PicoB. Last one was updating firmware and had bootloader problems. Solved easily. During the call I got them to download the latest hex from the website believing it would be the Betaflight 3.0.1 one I’m using, it’s Cleanflight 3.0.1 they got though. Did you not have a download of the Betaflight one there? I could have sworn I downloaded the last one i got from the website not from this thread. Just wondered if I’m being forgetful or you’ve decided against Betaflight?


From the documentation page 8

Just use the SPRACINGF3 BF target and follow the instructions in the documentation. Should work.


I’ve got Giles’ custom hex of BF 3.0.1 on all mine already, it’s easiest for customers to upgrade to the custom target so I don’t have to walk through the whole setup lol. I’m just confused as to where I got the 2 downloads of it I have, one was from this thread.


Might need to pick your brains over this one as i have a pico b with the hex add on to setup at some point, busy with my Q85 ATM.


Sorry for asking what may see to be a silly question - I see the pico-b FC has a dedicated port for FPV, but I am wondering how would you guys go about powering a TX03 200mw AIO camera. direct off the battery leads like the scisky?


Try the port, it’s a good quality 5v supply or vbat is the same as connecting at the Lipo. Top notch board design, I’ve had no bother with 25mw, 200mw should be fine too.


It looks like the tx03 is up to 5v capable,
If you use the bottom and center pins on the pico you will get 5v filtered.

My pico came with a set of harnesses, one of which will fit that spot. Pull the pins from the tx03 and pull the pins from one of the 3pin harnesses. Insert your power and ground in the appropriate spots.
Double check polarity.
Tripple check polarity
Leave vbat empty and plug in


I was wondering if that would behave better on the 5v, should let the vtx run a bit cooler if it works.
Oh, remember to check polarity! Lol