[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



ive just manage to flash with Betaflight 3 using the spracingf3 hex in Betaflight. all seemed good except motors spin at about half throttle permanently at the mo. hmmm.0 but… just worked out you need to tell it your using brushed esc’s in configuration. all seems good. now for FT.


Nice. I’ll be giving this a shot.


I’ll make a custom build of BF this weekend with the proper defaults set, I’ll report back here when done!



I literally had my quad plugged in, about to flash BF on it when I saw this post. Now I’m holding off a few days. Thanks so much @giles, can’t wait!


a Pico picnic in the park :sunglasses: errrr…need an emoji with FPV goggles on!

Looking forward to some BF action


Hey Guys, need som help with my multiflite pico board. After a light crash the board won’t connect to my tx anymore, blue led keeps flashing slowly for a couple of seconds, then fast for a couple of seconds, over and over.

Also the board won’t connect to cleanflight either, what could have caused this and what is the solution? Wan’t some advice before I start messing with reflashing, … had some bad experiences previously with reflashign scisky boards so I’m cautious now :slight_smile:

I’m using a graupner mx 20 with a graupner Rx using the sumH signal, telemetry on the mx 20 indicates it has good connection with the graupner RX.

Thanks, Christof.


I experienced a similar issue after a crash and rebuild. In my case, I had accidentally plugged the receiver into the USB port (and was trying to connect to cleanflight through the receiver port). Since the voltage pins are the same on both, everything will appear to be functioning, but nothing will communicate with the controller. Hopefully it’s something as simple as that for you, and not hardware failure.


Double check no short on the serial ports/lines, and that all the pins for serial are actually in both ends! Also check that if you’re using a CF frame that all the pins are not in contact with the CF, as it is conductive…


NOTE this firmware has not been flight tested! If anyone tries this out, please report if it worked, and what PIDs you used (this firmware uses the SPRACINGF3 defaults (gryo+loop are at 2KHz though, I think SPRACINGF3 is gyro 2KHz and loop 1KHz). From the ground everything looks ok, although in ‘angle’ mode it seems very agressive…
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2831810/MultiFlite/PICO/betaflight_3.0.1_PICOBFC.hex

Show us your builds!

Hi Giles,
I think there might be a problem w the link above, Tis is what I got:


Right click on the link and choose “save as” or something similar. If it downloads the file as *.hex.txt, rename the file to remove the .txt


Thanks I’ll try that
Did I mention I’m on my phone?..:roll_eyes:


So do we need a newer configurator for 3.0.1? I heard talk on Boris’ thread that there are features that need the newest version to show up.

I’ll give it a go just now and report back.


Yep use save link as, and make sure it ends in .hex

Use the configurator as normal, any weirdness let me know but I’ve tried out everything I would normally use and it’s fine (dev version not required).

I basically just made a new target based on the spracingf3, with the right orientation, battery calibrated and more accurate, and defaults set… Once pids are sorted I’ll merge it in so it’s built normally :slight_smile:


Having trouble getting it to flash, boot loader communication problem. Unfortunately the Boot0 pads are under my sat, under the top plate, bollox :confounded:
I’ll get it done.


Got it, after much twitting around getting nowhere, didn’t set manual baud rate. sigh!
I’ve tweaked a few settings and will try it out tomorrow, probably only rate as I find angle unbearable now.


@giles I got a few packs in yesterday but it was pretty windy so couldn’t really tune much. I gave myself starting P of 35, I of 30 and D of 15.
So far I’m at P-39, I-40 and D-20.
Three rate profiles, 0.7, 0.85 and 1.0.
It’s a 120mm efficiency X frame with 7mm Spintech motors and clear Hubsans.
There’s a bit more tuning to go as soon as its calm, can’t get it right indoors.
Thoughts are it flew quite nicely, all the quads I have on BF 3.0 behave well so I was expecting it to work similarly.
Flips were crisp given the wind and I even managed a four point flip or whatever it’s called.
I had a dodgy power connector for the cam so my video feed was very bad quality so unfortunately no useable dvr this time.
I like it better than the firmware it came with even after only a few packs.
Where did you get the pids from? Roll and pitch were quite different when first installed so could make untuned flights weird to start with. I can’t remember what they were but I’d think equal ones for an X quad would be best default.
Keep up the great work, I’m always going to have at least a couple of Multiflite fcs in my fleet.


Thanks for the info, the defaults are the BF defaults, the AlienFlightF3 defaults might prove better, I think P was default to 90 which I thought was high, hence why I went to BF defaults! I will fly this weekend and with your results I’ll set some sensible defaults and put the FW up for a pull request and also on my website :wink:

As a side note, making this target for BF was actually really easy, it’s actually quite sensible! In CF I had to make changes in a number of files in order to get all the bits set, whereas BF everything is in it’s own “target” folder… I may actually switch to shipping with BF by default because of this!



Cake is always good :grin:
For your products I think Betaflight is quite appropriate, it’s performance driven in development and seems well coded from what I gather. It should definitely be an officially supported target build. I’ll have a better refinement to the tune as soon as I can but what I’ve got now is a good baseline.


@giles - Have you run the Pico with 6 motors yet? I’m putting together a Hex and want to give it a try. I see you are out of stock on the FC’s…