[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



Thanks for the detailed response! Makes sense to me, and of course I shall read the manual :slight_smile:

Placed my order, looking forward to my multiflite pico build!


I just can’t get enough of this amazing quad :laughing:


What a ride! :smiley:


Get it! And wow stay off that wall in turn 1, that looks like it might hurt.


Nice track.
Love those Jungle beats. Reminds me of those weired times back in da 90’s. Thx for that.


My Pico-B-FC set up:

I have a really locked in 120mm picnic efficiency X ploy frame, 8.5mm motors with Ladybird props and these PIDs (note I only changed Level ‘D’ term* to 60 all other PID terms are the defaults it arrived with)

Multiwii (Rewrite)

Roll 3.6. 0.030 23
Pitch 3.6. 0.030 23
Yaw 8.5 0.030 23
Level 2.0 0.010 60*

Roll 0.45
Pitch 0.40
Yaw 0.60

I have RC rate in receiver tab at 1.00 and no expo. I have air mode on and min throttle set to 1025. Loop time is 1000 which is the default.


@Squigkat Hellz yah… I agree. Nice track. :stuck_out_tongue:
BOH! Junglist Massive!!!


@giles Okay, this FC is bad ass. I’m ordering another one. Thank you for the great work.



Ordered ~ #433


Great buzzer thanks for the link, soldered direct plus hot glue, worked straight away of course. Looking forward to a field trip to do some acro without the fear of losing my see through micro in the grass :grinning:


I got my Pico-B installed into one of my Picnic frames today, replacing a Scisky that was originally in the frame. This little FC is awesome! With a LemonRX satellite receiver, it’s about the same weight as the Scisky controller and it’s almost as low profile, despite the fact that it’s now a stack of two boards.

The current weight, sans battery, is 33.2g with some flavor of Chaoli 8.5mm motors and Hubsan props. I haven’t done much tuning yet beyond switching to Luxfloat and increasing the rates and it’s already handling exceptionally well. Pretty much every one of my Scisky quads has some level of drift that I’ve never quite been able to tune out. That’s not the case with this baby! w00t!

Now the quest begins for a good micro buzzer. I have a bunch of RMRC piezo buzzers, but at 0.7g, I feel that they’re a bit too big for this build


Right behind you. Started laying out my components tonight. My pico-b will be flying an FPV H. Gotta make the vtx combo first. I’m gonna need a day off soon (caugh, caugh). :wink: I don’t feel so good, might need to stay home and rest


Lookin’ good! That’s a neatly stacked receiver - I have the same receiver in the mail, and I’ll try to stack it as neatly as yours.

However, following the link to the manual from the product page, I read that the two antenna cables should be in a straight line for better reception - bending them may reduce range by 10-15%.
Did you mount them this way because of the prop clearance?


Yea, the props end up hitting those wires frequently. I need to figure out something different for them. I may end up bending them forward and tacking them down somehow at the front of the quad.


I use Q tip tubes on my lemon, slid over the antenna and hot glued at the base.
Can’t add a pic on my phone just now but I will later.

Edit, here you go.


I’m also having yaw drift issue. I’ve installed betaflght 3.0 on and there isn’t any till now. But didn’t have much time to test it to its limits. It’s a amazing board love it!!!


Hi, i’m having real problems connecting to Cleanflight, flashing or even getting anything other than a solid red light. Have i bricked it? is it possible? tried Boot loader pads and after reading this thread made sure i have baud rate correct but nothing at all happens. Thanks in advance for any help.


You can’t brick these chips, if you can, solder a tiny bit of solder to each of the boot0 pads (not bridging them) because this makes it a LOT easier to put something metal inbetween them (my fav is a pencil or screwdriver)…

The settings should be:

And then “load firmware local” and point it at the downloaded .hex … and then bridge the boot0, and then plug USB in. If you are still having issues and can’t get any further you can send me a PM and return to me and I can sort it out (and if it’s a hardware problem I will replace).


Thanks so much for your help. I have managed to flash it. just goes to show that you really do need to solder those two pads else you dont get a connection. lesson learned. Is there a hex for Beta flight or best to just use cleanflight?


+1 BetaFlight. @giles have you successfully flashed with BetaFlight before? If so, which version?