[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



Just my 50 cent - if it doesn’t need too much space: I’m a fan of full range. :wink:


He definitely ships to the US. 'Placed my order (408) on the 10th. w00t! :smiley:


@giles I am seconding @las in that if you can get the rx to be true full range that would be best.


Love those right-angle connectors! They’re going to allow for some pretty low-profile builds w/o having to worry about de-stacking or removing top plates to swap motors. Here’s one of my Scisky boards with right-angle connectors:



What PPM receiver would you recommend for this bad-boy? Any input would be awesome.

I was thinking either…

– or –

I apologize in advance, 'cause you’ve probably answered this question a million times! Thanks!!!


Either will work fine, I personally have not tried either… the microfrx I have heard users use, not great range thought… the other I haven’t seen before, but may give better range (just because the antenna is better). Sorry that I can’t be more helpful! :slight_smile:


Cool, no worries. I think I’m going to try that SRP8. I’ll have to feed it 5v from the Pico though… but that should be no prob right?


There is a jumper on the bottom, change it to 5V, that’s what it’s there for :slight_smile:


Hi @giles, nice to see, that the micro pico is released… The specs looks really great and the option to connect a telemetry receiver is fantastic. That’s one of the reasons, why your FC’s are the best!


@giles this wee board is great, it’s my current favourite in my fleet. I’ve been meaning to post some pics and a report but just not had time yet, I’ll try tonight.
Mine came without mounting lugs and with neither of the selectable pads bridged so it took me a while to work out the defaults weren’t set, I thought my sat was broken!
Got there in the end though and the resulting build is working really well.
I’d like to explore the other possibilities available on the board but don’t know where to start, will there be any more info added to the manual?


Great to hear! Yeah there were a few boards that slipped through without having the default jumpers set, but that’s not the case anymore!

There are a LOAD of features the board has that aren’t obvious unless you are a cleanflight expert, I do plan to include them in the manual I just haven’t had the time recently… I will update it this weekend (there are a few fixes and additions that I know of already) but the likes of buzzer, osd, addressable LEDs, telemetry, bluetooth modules, VTX, brushless, PPM RXs, etc will be in there!

The next step is getting the code merged to cleanflight and betaflight so that it is supported by default so you’ll all get instant updates rather than me having to rebuild it… as you may expect I’m pretty busy over here but these are very important things that will be done soon :slight_smile: Thanks for your support! :smiley:


Finally unleashed the full power of the cl-0820 motors, so much punch. Flight times around 4m30s on full 750mAh nanotech with motors only slightly warm, could go 5mins. 40g without crew or battery.

Some laps around the test track, mostly in Horizon/Air mode:



My Pico-B arrived today!! Woo Hoo! Holy crap, those solder pads are small!! I’m going to bridge the power for 5v on the receiver but will probably need to buy a smaller tip for my iron!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to start piecing this together though!!!


Very convincing - I’m going to order one just to be sure that it is either my poor flying skills or bad PID tuning which cause the “drift” problems after hard turns.

It looks like the top secret multiflite micro telemetry receiver is still in the works, therefore I was planning to use a Lemon DSMX satellite receiver - do you happen to know whether this satellite should work with the pico FC?


Should work without any major issues - you just need the right cable and the settings in cleanflight/betaflight.


Any spek sat will work assuming you connect it right, and select the right things in config.


Great news, thanks for the quick update.

Also, Giles wrote about code to merge back with cleanflight/betaflight - is this just to UI features for the configuration (instead of using cli commands) and any new betaflight release can be used, or should one only flash the FC with a Pico specific hex?

Sorry if I’m asking obvious stuff…


I can confirm the lemon sat works very well with this, mine was pre bound so it was plug n play once I’d soldered the correct jumpers. Mine was a rogue board that slipped through without the default jumpers set. The lemon needs 3.3v and sat which it should come with.


What I mean by this is that currently the multiFlite firmware is the current cleanflight + a few defaults and fixes… If you read the manual, there are steps on how to flash ANY firmware and configure it to do the same (there are one or two caveats, which when I merge my code will be fixed publicly!). This is actually this weekends project :slight_smile: The current firmware works with cleanflight GUI fine because the source code IS cleanflight (+ 2 fixes), hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Yes that RX will work right away, correct cable is included in the package.


I would be surprised to see a rx that would not be able to work with this fc tbh.