[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



I love mine, it’s great just pnp :smile:

with VTx just 35g. Can anyone suggest a buzzer that would work with this little beauty?

Maiden flight: https://youtu.be/DTpcHrVdKco


These should work

Looking forward for my MultiFlite Pico to come.
A present from a nice guy. Thx Joel @JG101.


As an FYI, I tested with an FrSky XSR and this is how it is wired:

All that was needed on the FC was the set UART2 to SMARTPORT, change RX type to S.BUS and then enabled the TELEMETRY toggle switch! Then in Taranis do a ‘discover sensors’ and they all popped up!

Telemetry to Taranis was instant and I now have a full read out of all telemetry information! :smiley: The XSR looks huge compared to the PICO, if anyone is going to use I would suggest removing the plastic and shortening the antennas…


Frsky owe us all a proper nano sbus RX, with the dual antenna and smart port…I like the xsr and x4r though, so its good to see it working as intended.


ordered some, thank you


FrSky owe us a proper nano sbus RX

While not with diversity, FuriousFPV has you covered. I haven’t seen any mention of that nano receiver, though. That’s the one I’m interested in.


I (MultiFlite) am working on a tiny FrSky RX too, with diversity etc so soon hopefully there will be plenty of choice FrSky wise (with telemetry/S.BUS/etc) :slight_smile: which has definitely been lacking… Surprised FrSky themselves haven’t release a tiny micro sized one yet!


That is what is was implying, frsky should have one already. But @giles mega awesome work if you can bring that to the table.


I’m looking forward to seeing it! The more options for micro builders, the better!


Can we have a working analog RSSI output? :slight_smile:

The XSR has this “magic” pad (similar to the X4R) - but I didn’t yet get any proper readings from that - neither using my FCs RSSI In pad nor using the RSSI pad on some micro MinimOSD directly. I’ll try the X4Rs RSSI pads next… Currently ended up using the “send it via channel from the Taranis”-workaround, but it’s just not the right way to do it. :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t have an oscilloscope to check what that pad really outputs.


That’s my plan, real analog and also something like using CH8 to put the real RSSI the RX is getting (or maybe CH9 or so for S.BUS makes more sense) rather than as you say get the Taranis to transmit it’s received RSSI from the RX back to it on a channel (crazy, but a good workaround I didn’t think of that!)


I think a lot of people are currently using that with XSRs / X4Rs since it’s rather easy to setup - and there are some guides which actually work (e.g. https://oscarliang.com/rssi-ppm-channel-taranis/ - config with newer Taranis firmware is slightly different). But I would prefer as direct inputs to the peripheral devices as possible. Nevertheless - never flew out of telemetry range up to now and having some RSSI in the OSD is better than none. Since I find connecting S.Port is somewhat a waste of a perfectly usable serial port - will there maybe also be some analog voltage sensor on the RX? :wink:


Yeh analog too, and ppm, I’ve crammed so much in!! But I’m having some minor issues with my prototypes which I think are pretty trivial (one issue was the crystal soldered the wrong way round) but need to do some more testing before it’s ready :wink: I’ll be sure to post here when I have something and that’s all I’m saying for now! :smiley:


Sounds very promising. Can’t wait till its out of the protoype phase and we get a look!


I received a couple of the Furious FPV Mini Rxes and I have them wired up and I can’t get them to be recognized by the FC. Dd I need to invert the SBUS? How? I have the solder balls on the back set to 5V and I tried both PPM and SAT. Now my FC is hung and will not connect to cleanflite any more. I put it into BOOT0 mode (only red LED, no flashing on powerup) and cleanflite says communication with bootloader failed. I was able to connect and configure the board until I bricked it. Do I need an OS X DFU driver or is that only for boards with USB emulation? The cleanflight docs are very unclear about this. I have disconnected the Furious FPV receiver for now. I am using a FTDI USB to TTL Serial adapter.

When I remove and restore power, I get a flashing blue-green light and a solid red light and
Cleanflite sees the board and says:
2016-08-09 @ 21:27:05 – MultiWii API version received - 1.17.0
2016-08-09 @ 21:27:05 – Flight controller info, identifier: CLFL, version: 1.13.0
2016-08-09 @ 21:27:05 – Running firmware released on: Apr 9 2016 05:59:47
2016-08-09 @ 21:27:05 – Board: PBFC, version: 0
2016-08-09 @ 21:27:05 – Unique device ID received - 0x2400275433570a20323237

than hangs. Configurator is 1.2.2
Any suggestions?


Photo of my setup


Looks like your board boots and is ok (but can’t connect to CF so perhaps a serial setting is bad on UART1?). To flash make sure your settings are like this:

If you have shorted BOOT0 then you need to check ‘no reboot sequence’. Make sure BAUD is 256000 otherwise it won’t work (I need to add this bit into manual as you are probably missing this bit).

You need to UN-invert S.BUS as that RX has it un-inverted… go to the CLI and type “set sbus_inversion = OFF”

The telemetry is FrSky not SMARTPORT, so you need to set UART2 to ‘FrSky’ and then in the config tab enable ‘TELEMETRY’. UART3 is the ‘RX’ port, so leave that as ‘SERIAL RX’ and in the config tab set it to S.BUS. Don’t touch UART1 :slight_smile:

Let me know how that goes!


Thanks, OK Now I can flash. I am using cleanflight_PICOBFC.hex downloaded from your website on 8/09.
Flash Good. Can reconnect. Set defaults. Good. Can reconnect Can set sbus_inversion = off and verified with get sbus_version then save. FC rebooted and reconnected. Can talk to receiver. Need to set TAER1234 for Taranis FrSky. I notice that on the Ports page Softserial2 is set to FrSky. Set it to disabled. Reboot. Reconnect. Set UART2 to Frsky. Reboot reconnect. Enable Telemetry. Reboot Reconnect. Tell Taranis to scan for new sensors. Wow!
I see SWR, RSSI, A1 (volts), A2(volts) , AccX, AccY, GPS, AccZ, VSpd, Alt, Hdg, Temp.

Success!! I found that I can only change one setting at a time and reboot.


Great :slight_smile: i’ll add this to the manual in a few days!

With serial port stuff it tends to be a ‘set one thing at a time’ and that’s a Cleanflight thing! Interested to hear how you do with range as I’m working out if a PA/LNA is needed or not (that RX doesn’t have a PA/LNA but the likes of the XSR do)


@giles - do you ship to the US or do you have a US distributor?