[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



In your first post you said “It all started out amazing until one day it wouldn’t arm” so I assumed it must have been flying.
If it is genuinely an unflown board then Multiflite should be contacted directly.
You can reflow with a hot air reflow station if experienced.


that was just a hover. not a “fly”


Any better?


No change to the error code there I’m afraid. Five fast blinks followed by three slow, repeating. This tends to indicate the acc/gyro chip is not getting power rather than not communicating with the F3. I don’t have a schematic for the picoB so can’t point you exactly where to look, I have one on the bench just now though. I’ll do some tests and post back shortly.


Here’s a pic of your board with the 3.3V pins indicated.

If you have very fine tip probes you could connect a Lipo and test for 3.3V. A safer way would be to check continuity between those points instead, no power, less risk. If they all have continuity then there may be a problem internally. At this point I would remove the chip, clean it all up and do a proper replacement.


cheers pal.


unfortunately it has continuity, so just us solder the gyro and re-solder it back on?


If you are comfortable doing that, yes it’s worth trying. It may not sort the problem and could cause other damage.


I see the website of multiflite.co.uk and his dropbox is down and all documentation is unavailable.
Does someone have the latest hex files and documentation for this flight controller?
Would like to have the documentation for the pico and nano controller and the customized cleanflight and betaflight hex files.


I’ll have a look for you after work, still have a couple and the hex adapter.


@Chaotix Thank You! I have 2 Nano and 2 Pico boards, only using the Pico boards at the moment. Now everything is offline I would like to have all documentation en software complete. The longer stuff is offline the harder it gets to find the documentation and software.


Here’s a link to my Multiflite dropbox folder with all I can find just now, the original Cleanflight hex the last custom Betaflight one Giles did and the PicoB v1 manual in pdf.
The PikoB was added as an official Betaflight target so later versions are available as MULTIFLITEPICO.


Thanks for the download, Going to update the Pico’s to Betaflight.

Is it also possible to run Betaflight on the Nano?