[FC] - MultiFlite PICO-B-FC: Cleanflight F3 Quad FC



I see 2 items with possible damage.

I see on number 1 a mark, raised bit, circled. This is, I think a voltage regulator and could be damaged by over voltage. If the mark is a raised dimple it is probably damaged.
Number 2 has a similar raised dimple mark on it, this one is a transistor or mosfet and the mark indicates it’s probably failed.
Both could be replaced but we need @giles to give you the specs of those components.

I may be wrong with this diagnosis, just going on what I can see.


Thanks for all the help @Chaotix I’ve had a closer look and the dimples were a tiny bit of silicone conformal coating on #1 from coating the battery pads and a tiny remnant of flux on #2. So i’m none the wiser. Guess i’ll email @giles when i get a chance. In the mean time i hate to say it but the eachine hex board on BG is looking like the option at £8. Cant warrant springing another 40 quid or so :cry:


Once @giles appears we can find out more. If you are Europe based I could possibly repair it for you. One thing might be to remove the hex adapter and check function without.


I’m in the Uk @Chaotix :wink: I’m happy to attempt the repair myself i just need to source the components and know what they are. I can try and remove the hex adaptor n see, its a tricky one though as there are so many points securing it and I don’t want a repeat of the dislodged inductor.


Ah cool. Later tonight I’ll get home and have a close look over one of mine and the adaptor to see if I can point your investigation in the right direction. I’m in Scotland.


Hi, all i was on here a while ago. But im back, with the same problems as before.
Firstly i have bf 3.1.7 flashed but i cannot arm or bind the quad. its been sitting around having never flown.
cheers josh


I just reviewed the conversation from earlier; may I ask were you set up with cleanflight before you flashed to betaflight?

It sucks the quad had been collecting dust but hey maybe that means its ready to finally fly! :slight_smile:

Did you try the trouble shooting that chaotix mentioned in post #160 on this thread?

Since it’s been out of commission collecting dust for so long I personally would start with making sure a fresh set of batteries are in the TX, and then I would start with creating a new model on the TX and I would try to reflash betaflight and start the whole bind/set up process again…

(Starting from catch would elimate any possible mistakes that could have happened with the previous set up)


No i have always been on bf and flashed it to bf as soon as i got it. i have put two different rx on it one being spektrum one being lemon. both do not work. i can bind to the spek as it is one of the quad race receivers that go into bind after 10 seconds or whatever it is. All battery’s are fully charged. It also doesn’t want to reflash, can i go to bf 3.2?
cheers josh


Does anybody know what happened to @giles? I remember him announcing a new product to come about a year ago, and I was very curious to find out about it (really liked the pico-b-fc).


He’s involved in various other projects I’d heard. Not had any contact via Facebook channels either for a few months.


@Chaotix ayy up you got any thoughts on ^^ ?


FFS I cant get anything to work.


Hi, could you post a clear close up of your fc, top side with everything plugged in. I suspect the problem is between the rx and the fc. Either wiring or plug or possible the socket on the board. How have you been mounting the fc? Any pressure or twisting of the board can cause problems as can a really hard crash.



What does the board do when you plug a Lipo in? Any flash codes? 5 very rapid flashes followed by some slow repeating is an error code.
Do you get any lights on the rx? Could you plug in the tx and check continuity between the end of each wire on the rx and the connection of the socket to fc.


I think i get an error code then. will try and post a video



Ok well I’m afraid that indicates an error, specifically the accelerometer/gyro failing to initialise. This can happen due to board flexing or in a crash. The chip itself may be fine and just require a reflow.
You could try to reflash but generally this is a pure hardware error.


FFS this has never flown


What would be the best way to reflow it?