Fc eachine e011/jjrc h67

halo i need ur help. i have problem wit NFE. i have make fc jjrc h67 and i put receiver xm+.
all is working. but the problem is. when i push throtel the motor is like use airmode. when i put dron on the floor dron its like a flip .sorry my english to bad

Nyimak oom… :wink:
Btw, I think you should write it in english :blush:

saya malah tumben ini komen2 di sini ok coba saya pakai bahasai ingris ya

wei pada ngemengin paan?? aHahaha… Btw, i think that could be in your FW setting, try to OFF or Disable air mode in u’r FC … hope that work

sudah saya matikan tetapi tidak bisa d flash

From which pin the main RX power connected? Could it be voltage problem…?
since most RX need 3.3v, so the RX recieving some noise that “translated” as faulty motor spin…

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