F3 evo, first time setup, rear left motor spins much more than others


I have a brushed f3 evo reciever included board. It is working, but I haven’t changed any pid settings yet, or managed to successfully achieve liftoff with stock settings. the rear left motor spins more than the others. In the motors menu, I can watch the motor speed bars go up, and also in this menu my rear left motor is being directed to spin up to full throttle before the other motors are even told to spin.

I’ve calibrated my accelerometer, and it doesn’t seem to matter which angle I hold the copter. It spins up the same.


Is this a brand new set of motors? or a used set of motors?

(also, are u using this board while the battery is plugged in at the same time? This MAY damage the board, not 100% sure on this particular FC, but a lot of them suggest not to do that for it could short the board out. )


Please understand, I’m still learning for the very first time how to use cleanflight. - your questions first but some important status after
-not exactly new, used a little, but it shows the spin rates on the screen, these are just 7.5mm brushed motors.
-I am sometimes plugging the usb and battery in at the same time, but it doesn’t seem to be causing damage. In fact, I thought I was supposed to do that in order to spin the motors from the GUI.

** well, actually I didn’t even know how to activate any modes, and no I’ve managed to fly it in angle mode and see that it is very unstable, but it did try to level. in no mode selected, it still does that funny thing, and even with modes, it still spins up unevenly, but in order to try to balance the rest of the blades do fire up after the throttle is enough for liftoff. Now, I don’t know how all the things work, but I have to try to learn to stabilize it to fly-able.

question, in the pids menu, the drones avatar is always in motion, of course when I operate the transmitter the avatar displays the rates, but if I have no transmitter input, the avatar still has a consistent forward pitching and right yawing motion, I think the roll is also to the right. it never just sits still. Where do I change something so that the pid menu avatar only moves around when I tell it to?


I’m also still learning, and i know there’s other ways to change it, but if your avatar is moving if there’s no input from the transmitter, you must calibrate the transmitter. Go to the receiver tab, and look at the color bars on your left. Using the trim buttons on your transmitter you can set the values for every channel. As far as i know, it goes from 1000 to 2000. Yaw, Pitch and Roll have the stick at the center position, so they should be at 1500. Throttle should be 1000 at 0% and 2000 at 100%. Once you have set the values for these four channels, the avatar of the quad should stop moving unless you touch your transmitter.

I think that you should be able to fly your quad after calibrating the transmitter. More experienced pilots on this forum will tell you better (or more permanent ways) to get the quad calibrated, but the way i told you works perfectly.

As a begginer, i can tell you that this hobby is quite frustrating sometimes. Maybe if you have some background in electronics that would help… But when your quad is finally in the air, is just so f**** fun!!!


I already calibrated my transmitter, it wasnt the issue, it reads well. I am flying the quad, and have started to try and pid tune, but I think that will take a while to figure out. There is some pids others have used in an x5, but i think I copied them wrong, maybe what used to be 9.5 is now 95??? Im at the park with my toy quads, so will have to try that.


Also, though, the avatar continues to spin, and I have to be stickinf for liftoff, and need lots of room.


Again, i’m still a begginer and still i’ve got tons of thigs to learn, but if the avatar stills spinning, it’s not calibrated. Sorry if i can’t help you more, hope that someone have a better idea of what’s happening with your quad. Luck!


I spent some time on it, the values from the transmitter arent the cause, it does it the same with or without my transmitter on. In the reciever menu, the transmitter values are right within the center points, and then if I throttle up, in the motor menu I can see the rear left motor bar go green right to the top before the other motors throttle up just to half. If I do some angle or yaw sticking, it does cause the motors to work as would be expected if sticking to the extreme, but gentle sticking puts that same motor on full while the others not much. If you could imagine that motor spinning too much, the avatar is moving at that 3d angle/rotation. I dont seem to find any other values that are causing this mystery, although I have been successfully flying it, albiet with poor tuning. In other words, its probably going to work ok, but have that odd bug.


I have an idea of what COULD be going wrong, but I am also a noobie so take my advice with a grain of salt.

maybe the transmitter isn’t bound to the RX properly? (I’ve experienced something like this when the TX wasn’t bound properly to my RX, a constantly rotating avatar with some pitch and yaw)

Your one motor spooling up faster than the others may be related to this as well. If a corner motor is spooling up more than the others, that means the RX may be telling it to for some reason. You may not be actually touching the sticks on the TX, but SOMETHING is telling the FC to pitch forward and rotate… that could be why your avatar is spinning with or without the transmitter. We gotta figure out what is telling the FC to pitch forward and yaw rotate like that.

What type of transmitter are you using? Can you please post a link of the flight controller you are using?

Also if possible please post a CLI dump here so we can look over your settings. (Go to the CLI tab of cleanflight, type in “dump” on the command console and hit “enter”… this will pull up a Whole log of information from your flight controller. COPY and PASTE ALL of that information to this thread so we can see what settings you are using. )

As far as angle mode goes, it will probably get lift and fly okay as u are saying it does, but may fly really twitchy and odd. That may be because the FC is constantly spooling up that motor but the “self leveling” (angle mode) is constantly correcting that motor from spinning up faster and faster. So it may fly, but the FC may be working harder than it should to keep it level.

Now if you were to throw it into Acro mode (no mode selected) and just try to hover The quadcopter may not fly so well, because there will be no self leveling corrections on that faster spinning motor, and it may fly really unbalanced.

To my knowledge a stock PID tune SHOULD be fine to hover and cruise around on, especially in angle mode, so I wouldn’t worry so much about PID tuning yet . One you have diagnosed and corrected that constant pitch/yaw issue you could probably start messing around with the PIDs with successful results.

We were all new at one point… gotta start somewhere :slight_smile: welcome to the forum, be sure to keep us updated and get that dump log copy and pasted here so we can try to get your quad flying properly.


Well. I never got that cli dump, and my avatar spools on, but I want to share something else. My copter burned 2 motors. I had to crank the pids way up to get some pilotability, and I wonder if thats why?? The motors were the stock syma 7mm or so,… anyway, I kept wondering, so I swapped in some old 8mm motors that were part of an old akaso x5kw, and reset the pid settings to default, and wala, it flies straight away. I wonder if the fc has other reasons than the pids for this? Perhaps the standard x5 fc limits the voltage where the f3evo wants more power for higher performance??? Anyway, I wont be tuning it until 2 things happen: I am more able to fly acro, which I will practice on this x5, since it probably wont break no matter what I do, and I can start to do some moves that help me see where I might need more pid tuning, and 2nd, I get to know the default behavior a little better so I can be confident in the differences. (It actually might be flying perfectly, I crash a lot but have to take the burden of responsibility for that one. I do think it needs more P).