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F3 evo brushed problem


i have a problem for Sp racing f3 evo brushed who do not want to live even though rx has connected, is there any solution? I really am a beginner for this


Welcome, in order to get help you need to give as much detail as possible. What fc is it exactly, what rx do you have connected to it, what symptoms of not working do you have, have you connected to Betaflight and what happened? Information is the key to getting answers.


I use a mini controller fs-i6 receiver fs ibus / ppm and it is connected to betaflight, but the test time he can not fly


Do you have movement of the correct channels in Betaflight on the receiver tab? When you raise throttle does the throttle bar move etc? Have you set an arming switch in the modes tab?


I’ve done everything you call friends


when all the parts are still in a new state and I’ve followed all the instructions given


control and receiver can be connected but after the battery is installed there is no command and blue led off