F3 brushed fc in Syma x5c


Its still in the mail, but I ordered this fc with flysky reciever built in.

F3 EVO_BRUSH 100mm Drone PPM Output Flight Controller

There doesnt appear to be more info on the fc, where can I find detailed info like datasheet type?

I plan to install the fc into a Syma x5c body, using the motors from the x5. (Crash pack that includes everything and 2 batteries 20 bucks after shipping).

(I know, slow copter no matter what, but i like it, and also its very familiar now, so an ideal experiment).

I wonder about the board, will geared motors burn the board? I assume it should handle the current of stock syma motors and the pids for such geared blades, but actually dont know what to expect, it will be my very first experience with my brand new flysky remote and any form of programmable flight controller.

Are there brushed fc’s that could handle being put in an x8 config? That would be super cool, although I am aware that its not THAT much to get an f450 kit i want to learn about brushed motors for the cheap copters, what are the advantages of the symas brushed geared setup??


So, would the linked fc handle a syma x8 current draw? I know it says 3s, but a big thing will smaller numbers works differently than a little thing with bigger numbers. Just because the motor controllers can handle a 3s battery doesnt mean a tiny component wont burn when pulled on by a relatively large motor, even at 7.4v


So , would the linked fc, rated up to 3s, be able to handle the workload of an x8 motor setup? Even though it is rated to a higher voltage, perhaps the bigger motor would still damage the tiny board.