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Thank you.
It’s going to replace my AlienFlight Classic Narrow in my -18 Alien Spider.
“IF”… and this is a big if, I can find a way to hack a beeper on it like we did on the Scisky.
I won’t lose another quad especially a smoking hot F7!


Any more tales of your AF F7 Quad board? I’m getting started on my F7 Hex, and your photo is the highest quality photo reference available.


Still havnt updated the build file, using build #1278 from 05/17. Recommend from Michael.
LOS rips time and space, can’t wait to fly it FPV. Won’t solder to pin 2 to get beeper signal until I’ve built a few more.
All is well in AFNGF7 world​:alien::alien:


I’m not familiar with that part of the process, i.e. “build #1278”. Are you NOT using BetaFlight?


Yes BF, just downloaded a build to pc from BF website instead of online.
Just to answer for anyone following as we spoke in pm


E011 fc 8.5 spintech and kingkong camera



My brushless air force:

Ultra light cam mount

I like way she looks on the right.
Nothing against whoops of corse, but those big props, swing ‘em, man!


@Kamsleo69 right! Almost done :slight_smile:

edit: wonder now what size to cut them.

She fly’s now 4 min with 720mA battery.