Eye Candy Gallery - Micro Brushed Builds


I’m loving the forum. Wanted to start a thread for just pics & specs. Here’s a couple of mine.

Micro H Frame
AlienWii FC
LemonRx Satellite
600 degree 120 tvl camera
FpvHobby 5.8ghz 100mW VTx
RMRC 5V step-up
RMRC LC filter






Micro Hex Frame
Beef Brushed Board FC
Beef Hex Adapter
LemonRx Satellite
Hubsan motors
600 degree 120 tvl camera
AltitudeRC 25mW VTx
RMRC 5V step-up
RMRC LC filter






Zippin FPV Dreamcatcher frame
AlienWii FC
LemonRx Satellite


I’m digging your collection. Good stuff here. That Dream Catcher is probably a blast!

Also dig the hex. I’m doing a similar build with the Carbon H Hex and Beef. Gonna do one of the 200mW FPV systems on it and a pico wide v2. Can’t wait!


Thanks! Dreamcatcher is definitely fun to flip & barrel roll while fpv’ing. Let me know how the 200mw fpv setup goes. That’s my next rig I’m shooting for too (cross 120 fpv;)).


It won’t be my first one. They work great! Love the extended range. I’m trying out a new cam and vTx this time.

I’ve got a spare 200mW that only does 3V if you’re interested. I run all 5V FPV rigs and made a wrong order on Banggood. Was thinking of selling them cheap to get some of my cost back but I’d toss you one for free if you’re in the US and you’re interested.


Thanks for the offer! The micro community is awesome! But like you I prefer to run 5v gear too. What 200mw VTx’s have you used?


If you are using Fat Shark frequencies @lhcholid the FX-758 is a decent 200mw Vtx. I was sent one by accident when I ordered 3 400mw Vtx and so decided to go ahead and built it out. Operates on 5v so is all compatible with a 5v step up for filtering.


Nice thanks! I do use Fat Shark so I will have to look into that particular Vtx. Do you know the weight by any chance?


I seem to recall right around 2g?


am i missing the fatshark frequency band on the list from the site for that one?

Transmission frequency group:

  • A: Ch1:5725MHz Ch2:5745MHz Ch3:5765MHz Ch4:5785MHz Ch5:5805MHz
    Ch6:5825MHz Ch7:5845MHz Ch8:5865MHz

  • B: Ch1:5733MHz Ch2:5752MHz Ch3:5771MHz Ch4:5790MHz Ch5:5809MHz
    Ch6:5828MHz Ch7:5847MHz Ch8:5866MHz

  • C: Ch1:5645MHz Ch2:5665MHz Ch3:5685MHz Ch4:5705MHz Ch5:5885MHz
    Ch6:5905MHz Ch7:5925MHz Ch8:5945MHz


The only 200mW I’ve used so far is this one from FPV hobby.

Right now I am waiting on a couple FX758’s