Extending the range of an IRangeX iRX6

I’ve been using an IRangeX iRX6 with a Flysky i6 to control my E011 fleet for quite a while now with no complaints. However, I have found the range to be quite limited even with a modded antenna - even worse than the stock bean controllers. To remedy this, I’m trying to add an NRF24L01 PA LNA to the iRX6. In theory, it should work just fine as the pinout of the new module is identical to the stock one and I’ve wired it up correctly. My only theory now is that it can’t get enough current, so I’m in the process of getting it hooked up to a separate power supply. Any ideas on what to try would be greatly appreciated.

^ Stock iRX6

^ PA+LNA module pinout

^ Wiring, ignore the disconnected power and ground

Hey there! It’s a great mod, did that a year ago and still enjoy the result. I use an old fried stlink as a power source for the LNA and the module, soldered it directly to the battery pads and added a switch on the back side of the controller. The whole thing is sitting inside the case on the 3m double sided foam adhesive.

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I did this and used an AMS1117 to power the PA+LNA. You can take the ~5V input from the AAs no problem. Its hard to mount everything on the back or squeeze it in the tiny i6 case.

Also if you leave the PPM-out permanently connected to the module then the pin will try to backpower the module whenever the controller is on and the module isnt. I turn on the module first then the controller.