Ev200d vs sky02x

Any one can suggest me?

Both are good for the price they sell at.
If you have a higher budget, then Skyzones are worth spending more money on.

There are many reviews of both goggles on Youtube. Search and watch them.
Look for the reviewers who have reviewed both these models so you can get a good comparison from what they say about them.

I watched the review, (maybe all review on youtube)
I and i choose ev200d, both has same price at banggood, pros for ev200d, it has 3rd party rx modular, this video https://youtu.be/bw4fkh0VDQE made me sure for ev200d.

But why most of fpv-ers in youtube uses skyzone?

There must be a reason but I have never used either one of those goggles.
Do more research and you can also find some FPV groups in Facebook to ask there.