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EV100 Low Battery Warning


I have a pair of Eachine EV100 goggles (manufactured 11 Jan 2019) that I’d really appreciate some help with.

For whatever reason, the pair I have, fail to recognise the battery charge. I bought a second battery, to see if it was the battery at fault, but no joy.

Whenever I connect the battery it starts with the low battery warning sound, which doesn’t stop. Also, on-screen, the battery shows as having no charge.

I like the goggles, but hate the constant warning.

Has anyone come across this issue and, perhaps/hopefully, also discovered a fix?

I’ve not done any updates, so this problem is straight out of the box.

Any help gratefully received.



I’ll get to my workshop see what I can do, I’ll come back to Canada in 3 days. Doing updates might help, I hope it isn’t a software issue tho. I’ve never worked with ev100 software.



Thanks for your interest.

A little more info…

Using the USB connector to power the goggles, the on-screen charge shows as 100% and there is no low battery warning. Not using the battery, this might be expected, but I include it on the off chance it helps.

I’ll record the issue and post a link.



EV100 Continuous Erroneous Low Battery Warning