Emax TinyHawk Freestyle - Motor stutter problem

Hello guys…!
It’ arrived today finally, i try it for 3 minutes… then i land, and a motor not want spin up to fly… it stutter and don’t want spin correctly…!
So, i swap motors to understand if it’s a bad motor, done motor test in betaflight, but the problem is the same. the new motor in that position, stutter and don’t start correctly… So, it’s not the motor…!
I did new weldings, nothing happen.
Then, i noticed a few time, that motor start to spin when i give much more gas in betaflight, like 2/4 (half gas)…!
And, a time it’s started, all work good, increasing or decreasing the gas slide in betaflight, all work correctly.
If i stop all motors with gas to zero, again that motor not spin up until i go to pass half gas…!
I tried another thing, in BLheli, i set up the Startup Power to 1,00 (default 0,50), and now that motor start to spin ad 1/4 of gas instead 2/4…! So, what’s wrong…? I thought the esc burned, but why, when it start all work correclty until stop it…?

Thank you in advance…!

I forgot, it’s use Dshot600, so not calibration of esc is needed…!

I had the same problem on a micro brushless build with 6a emax bullet esc’s and 7800kv motors, that turned out to be an issue with the esc, an esc swap solved it htere.

That same esc worked a bit better on a lower kv motor so that might an indication that this is more of an issue with high kv motors

Me too suspect the esc… But it’s a strange problem, i don’t understand because, if it start, all work perfectly…! In my situation i will must change all the FC because integrated 4in1 Esc…! The quadcopter is new purchased from Banggood, and they not have the correct spare parts…!
I Try to contact EMAX directly, hoping in them help…!
Meanwhile, i try to do some flights starting that motor giving more gas, to see if it fly correctly or only in betaflight motors tab…!
I also see, if i use it on 2s, motor start yet before…! So, seems not arrive enough current to start it from esc

Sounds like a defective ESC, time to test the warranty.

Yes… by now, i think.
Today, i tried to Fly with BLheli Startup Power set to 1.00, and Fly perfectly…! Because with 1.00, with 1/4 gas even that motor start to spin, and after started, it run fine until i land and put Gas to zero…!
In this case, it can always take off, because it’s at 1/3 of Gas and all motors spin…
Before, with Startup Power set to 0.50 of default, that motor start to spin (and not always) ad 1/2 gas or more, too much for take off correctly and Quadcopter revolved on it self without take off…!

So, while i wait for the FC replacement in warranty, i can Fly…!

Esc failure

I usually set my 1s builds to 1.5 start up in blheli and digital idle around 8 in betaflight. I had similar issues with a crazybee f3 and f4 and that fixed it for me. They are still going strong!

May be ESC but can be as simple as uncalibrated accel. Why not spin up motors one by one using betaflight configurator to take any algorithms out of it.

I fly only acro, Accel is disabled! I done it in betaflight, problem is the same, one for one, that motor not start… so it’s a bad esc…! But, as i told, raising up Startup Power in BlHeli, make it to start at 1/4 throttle…!

RjSj, i hope it…! Have you noticed shorter fly times, raising up SP to 1.5…? It’s my only concern…!

No it hasn’t affected time. It just spins the props up smoother when arming. I had one that shuddered, still using the same crazybeef3 for over a year now!