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Emax Babyhawk - coupon code


Gearbest has a coupon code rc18off for the babyhawk that brings the price down to 81$. Kind of hard to beat that. I have been wanting to try that power combo since I’ve seen successful 3s operation and this deal basically gives you assembly, a camera, and plastic shell for 10$ over the component power pack. If I can break the plastic … it will all move over nicely to the frame of my choosing. Just thought I’d throw an alert out for anyone else on the fence…


That looks cool. Can’t beat the price.


@NotFastEnuf That’s really the way to go now. The RTF/BNF micro brushless quads from China have gotten so inexpensive that you essentially get the frame and factory assembly thrown in for free. When the frame inevitably breaks, just move the complete powertrain and FPV setup to a decent quality CF frame. Voila! :wink:


Yep! Can you buy micro brushless components for 80$ … sure you can if you shop smart. I have 2 setups that cost about that on the bench for the 1102 size. But I’ve also wanted to do a 3s setup. Here is one that will show up that I can fly right away … probably still won’t be done with the other 2 builds by the time this arrives. Of course I have to resist the temptation to disassemble right away, rewire for dshot600, scrutinize solder joints, wire routing, foam tape, and generally defeat the entire purpose of rtf.


The siren song of RTF is hard to resist. Just watch out for the anti-ARF traditionalists! Thankfully, that’s only a danger in the fixed-wing crowd. No such thing as traditionalists in the multi-rotor game. :wink:

Seriously, with demands of non-RC life, builds can linger on for much too long. So RTF is a perfect way to get flying quickly. Case in point, my 6" Alien FPV racer hasn’t flown in about a year. Picking up a BNF Indy FPV last fall was my FPV salvation! :smiley:


It’s been a few years since I regularly flew at a club, but most of the guys had adopted the arf but only the balsa/monocote ones. They still considered foam a beginner material and displayed that attitude you speak of. I developed quite a reputation there for showing them foam goes over 100mph quite well. 800mm foam mustang & t28 -112mph and 105mph with pylon motors. Dynam meteor (habu copy) with habu 32 80mm motor - 136mph. Pink foam & fiberglass bandit copy - 128mph. That’s where I was given my screen name. Lol. Did eventually build up a 10s viperjet arf with “club approved” non foam construction that hit 165mph. That one was FastEnuf. I still shake thinking about it (not from the speed - but from the $$ in the air). The habu copy was my favorite though - would vertical launch straight up out of your hand without a toss. Tons of grunt and very little $$. You could throw it down into a knife edge right on the runway and practice dragging tail with it with very little associated financial stress.