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EASA prototype rule (IMPORTANT)


"The EU’s European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recently drafted the UAS Prototype Rule, which harshly targets the (DIY) drone community. In short, the rule would destroy Europe’s recreational drone market, by prohibiting the majority of custom assembled drones. Major manufacturers and corporations would benefit, while startups and small businesses would fight to survive. Innovation and creativity would be stifled. Not to mention, Drone Racing may cease to exist in Europe.

How does the UAS Prototype Rule affect you:
1. DIY aircraft restricted at 250g and lower.
2. DIY aircraft max speed of less than 54km/h.
3. DIY aircraft must remain within 100m of pilot.
4. DIY aircraft limited to max height of 50m. "

Please sing THIS to try prevent them from making this rule rule reality, quite scary stuff if you ask me :frowning:

Link to the Drone Insider post about this


Sounds like the only thing you will be allowed to fly soon is an Inductrix… with the stock transmitter.
Basically only toys are allowed then?! I mean, faster than 54 km/h… I should get some GPS and measure the max speed while my machines are not illegal…

Are those regulations also for model aircraft?


“‘UA’ (unmanned aircraft) means any aircraft operated or designed to be operated without a pilot on board;” Seems like yes. Guess they are also gonna ban the cheapy toy helicopters sold at “normal” shops as well. :unamused:


Last time I was out with my SilverWhoop I broke number 3 and 4.


That really sucks…