Eachine trying to compete with fatshark/aomway/skyzone


Don’t know anything about them, but they look just great. Awesome launching price (not sponsored, just amazed)


I’m very interested in these. I think ill wait for Stew or Albert to review these before I pick them up.


Something to note: Despite having two antennas, there is only a single receiver, thus these are not diversity goggles.


I know very little about goggles receivers, but the reviews of these eachine not-diversity double antenna receivers are positive. In the product page you can see the launching price (86€) and the post-promotion price (300€). Is not very eachine style to overprice its products, so i don’t think those 300€ to be true. Clearly i wont pay 300€ for those goggles

But 86€ seems to be a really good deal, even if they don’t have built in dvr (c’mon guys!!) We’ll have to wait and see, but i’m already reviewing my budget


That post-promotion price will not be close to that; the specs would suggest it’s not as expensive as £280, it’s just guff to try and make it look like you’re getting more than you’re paying for.

They’ll be great for beginners who don’t get on with box goggles. I’m actually quite interested in them


I am interested in them too. I don’t understand why Fat Shark’s and the like are SO expensive, and I really don’t mind my box goggles other than for traveling. Would love to have some basic smaller goggles that perform on par with my box goggles.



My guess is they’ll be around $175 after promotion, with many trips down to 125 on sale.
I’m very curious about them too, though goggles and I don’t get along well.
Two antennas at different angles (one up, one to the side as an example) gives far better coverage for linear antennas on the vtx and/or vrx, regardless of whether it’s diversity or not.
Obviously it’s better if it is, but don’t disregard it just because it isn’t.


I was even considering to buy the eachine vr006, that are even cheaper than the vr007 i already have, but unlike the vr007 they have dual antenna (and they include cloverleaf and patch antennas. They’re small, and that’s one of the things that matter for me, but seem to be good in terms of reception. Now with this ev100 i may have a fancy set of goggles for a fair price. Never really considered to spend 300€ or more in fatshark/aomway/whatever goggles.