Eachine SP F3 Brushed + LemonRX DSMX receiver + MinimOSD = Not working!

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I’m using an Eachine SP F3 Brushed FC together with a LemonRX DSMX satellite receiver connected to RX3. I’ve successfully configured the receiver and can see it working in Betaflight GUI.

The problem it, that my receiver stops working, as soon I connect my Micro MinimOSD (running MWOSD 1.7) to UART2 (MSP enabled).

The OSD is showing the orientation from Betaflight, so the connection between Betaflight and MWSOD ist working. I’ve also checked serial passthrough from Betaflight, which is working fine

The receiver is connected as mentioned here:


Any Ideas?

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Voltage drop? Can you measure the voltage to the receiver when you have your OSD connected?

I`ve completely missed that… Nice catch!

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Have you connected everything to the 5v regulator of the FC? Including the OSD and VTX?
Depending on what you use, the 5V regulator of the FC will likely not be able to provide enough power to drive all your peripherals. You might want to throw another regulator in for some stuff.

The cheap micro MinimOSDs you can get for a few bucks have a rather massive current draw (~0.5A @ 5V).

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I’m using an Eachine TX01 AIO cam and a micro LC filter directly connected to my battery. OSD is powered from FC with a 5V regulator.

As you mentioned the OSD is a problem at the moment because of the massiv current draw. Any suggestions which MinimOSD I should use?

Hi, I am using and f3-evo-brushed v2 clone I guess it have a tx connected to it on uart2 and a cam connected to the battery it works fine. I wanted to connect the minimosd micro to it but it only show data then connected to uart2, uart1&3 aren’t working. Any idea what I am doing wrong?