Eachine ProDVR Reliability?


For those of you who have the Eachine ProDVR from banggood, what do you think about the reliablity? How long have you had it and is the video quality about the same as is displayed on your FPV headset?

I’m planning on buying one on the next sale.


I’ve had one since March of this year and it works perfectly as far as “you get what you pay for”.
Never misses a frame but seems to breakup much more as compared to what I see in my goggles. I have a 32 gb sd card without issue. Image quality is more or less - average.

My biggest gripe is that it has to be the last thing turned on or you run the risk of getting sync issues and image tearing along the bottom of the screen.


Works good for me! Had it for over a year, still kicking :slight_smile:


If it works for more than a year I’m in. Just have to wait for the next sale to get it for $14.


I also feel like I have more breakups than in my goggles. I updated the firmware, but nevertheless I always turn it on last in order to not have any PAL crop issues. Also, the cables that come with the unit are a little flimsy, I replaced them with silicon cables. Recording stops without saving the video when I turn off the camera on the quadcopter before stopping the recording.