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Eachine LCD5802D Battery replacement


The battery on this monitor is basically dead. Has anyone had luck replacing it or modding the 5802d?

I’ve gone through several of these and the battery always dies. I moded the included charging cable with an xt60 connector to run it off a 4s lipo, which seems to work, but I’d prefer an internal battery replacement. The internal lipo has 3 wires: black, white, red.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



I am a reseller of RC products and have the same monitor, which needs a suitable replacement battery.

A supplier is sending me a potential replacement, to test, which may take a couple of weeks to arrive.

I’d be happy to let you know here if it works.

There seem to be a few people in a similar position and it would be good if we can find a suitable battery.

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I would be very grateful to hear about a replacement!


Mine is dying too, it’d be great to have a drop (and solder) in replacement!


As there’s growing interest in finding a solution, I thought I should provide an update.

Unfortunately, the battery I was waiting for, is not going to do the job. However, it has shed light on what is required.

I’m currently looking into finding another battery and, armed with what I now know, I’m more hopeful the next will prove successful.

I’ll keep you posted.

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New battery ordered. Expected, hopefully, within next 2 weeks.

Will keep you updated.


Hi. I know it’s an old post but any update please??


The batteries got bounced by Swiss Post, which means they’ve been returned to the supplier.
He will now resend using another courier.
It’s all taking a while, but, hopefully, it will prove worthwhile in the end.


Many thanks for your reply. I think that there are a few people looking forward to seeing some good news!!


The new batteries have arrived and, off to a good start, the connector fits and is wired correctly. Plus, the dimensions are good.

Currently testing to see how they perform. Will provide an update in the next couple of days.


Excellent news!


Great news. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


It took a little longer to get back than expected, with an update, but it’s good news.

I’ve now completed the tests I wanted to run and I’m pleased to say the replacement battery performed well and, in my opinion, is a very good replacement for the original LCD5802D battery.

You can find the battery available here https://www.goav8.uk/product-page/lcd5802d-monitor-battery-replacement

For anyone interested in learning how I ran the tests, please see below.

Using two separate monitors, one with the original LCD5802D battery in place and another with a new battery, I fully charged them, until the monitor’s battery LED turned green. I then disconnected the charger, turned each monitor on and let them run until each turned off.

They both lasted just short of 3 hours; 2 hours and 47 minutes. The on-screen bars, for the new battery, dropped faster than the bars for the original; the new battery dropped to zero bars at 44 minutes, whereas, the original dropped to one bar at 44 minutes.

Re-running the test, I found that turning the monitors off, once zero bars where shown, I was unable to turn the monitors back on. The monitor presumably recognising the battery level being below the minimum allowed.

The new battery, placed outside the case, did not run hot, being ambient temperature to touch.

I’m really pleased with the result, and more so to have finally found a replacement battery.