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Eachine flf3_evo_brushed problem, help please


Ok so I have a weird problem with my micro quad I built. It was working fine for about a week but then i was flying one day and the thing hit the ground, no big deal, i think i was trying to do a flip, i picked it up and started to take off again and i noticed one motor, motor 3 (back left) was not getting full power. I changed the battery and it didn’t help, so i went home figuring the motor burnt out. I replaced all the motors and the same problem is occurring, motor 3 wont spin as fast as the others and wont take off. However in betaflight AND clean flight (ive been trying different ones to fix it) when i give it throttle it says motor 3 is getting ALOT ore than the others. Please help, I don’t know if my board is messed up or what, i have also inspected the board very closely for signs of hardware damage but cant seem to find any.

you can see barley any throttle but motor 3 is getting alot of input.

heres the board I have https://us.banggood.com/Wholesale-Warehouse-Eachine-FLF3_EVO-Brushed-Flight-Control-Board-Built-in-FLYSKY-Compatible-PPM-6CH-Receiver-wp-Usa-1091775.html?rmmds=myorder


same problem here.
i’ve replaced the motor 3 mosfet : no change.
keep on investigation.


hello there.
just buy another board.
same problem. i’ll go try whit another transmiter.
think it’s a problem whit FS-I6