Eachine aurora


How much does it weight?

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Havnt got a clue mate,apparently banggood has the weight shown and its correct.its light as its mostly cf,metal/alloy parts are well made,not soft and bendy.

I like it,it will be good to work with.

Only thing i dont like but its not a biggie,is the screws are possi drive (if i said it right) seeing the screw heads is a little tacky but i would think allen keyed ones of right size in black would be better,might make more weight.

It gos together good.


The 1103 motors come with Phillips head screws, which are a right pain in the ass. I bought a pile of M1.6 hex head screws (from amazon) to replace them.

I got rotorx 1104,unfortunately i dont have mounting bolts,not that i can see at the mo,i got an atom with the same motors but not gonna take the bolts out just for this.

The 1104 mount holes line up perfectly,the frame isnt thick its probably around 1.5mm or so thick,its not 2mm,it feels light in the hand,for a lot of frame it does feel light.

Looks like a great frame

This frame looks interesting:

Is there a parts guide (beyond preferences: general) what ones needs to order for a brushless build, as I only have DJI stuff pre-built. I currently have a 130mm CF frame with 4 Racerstar 1306-3100KV motors and that’s it. I have both a Flysky, Devo 7e and DX6i TX.

Things you need:
Flight Controller
Power Distribution Board (PDB)

Banggood has a description on the frame and recommended parts list but apparently there might be or not be a problem with racestar 1103.i read somewhere a builder having probs with props on the 1103 racestar hitting the frame somewhere,more likely the metal strut that holds the prop guard to the bottom frame.

@Denovich. Can you provide a link to those hex 1.6 screws. The Phillips head screws are a pain. Thanks john

Try these:


or These:


I ordered the later… although I suspect 4mm might have been better if they were available. Oh, well it’s easy enough to make them shorter, harder to make them longer.

The uxcell stuff on Amazon took forever to get to me. Ordered some o-rings and took about 5 weeks to get.

If you want to support innovation, please buy this frame from the people who actually designed it, not from the ones who blatantly stole the design: