Eachine AIO F3 Pro Brushed FC


Has anyone had experience with these and what is the difference between the AIO F3 and the pro version?

AIOF3PRO_Brushed FLight-control Board Built-in OSD Receiver for Eachine BAT QX105 QX95S Vtail QX110


I have three of this FC, sadly the Mosfets are weak. On all three boards the propps spin up when plugging in the lipo.
The reciever is not impressive either.
That being said, it still works and its good for builds when you need to keep the weight down.


Yes, I have a leaky mosfet also right from the start. Motor plugs have to be removed because they are not standard motor plug sizes. No receiver issues and it’s based on Omnibus.
Stable board otherwise.


I noticed this right off, much to my annoyance as I planned to use the motors off my toy quad because it was plug and play, or so I thought. I contemplated removing the ones on there and replacing with the ones on the spare toy fc but I am not so confident in my soldering skills.


The mounts on this FC are surface mounted - standard ones have pins. Not really worth it.
Save yourself some weight and solder the wires directly. Requires much less soldering skills :slight_smile:


Thank you for the heads up.

I’m waiting on a complete QX105 to be delivered but the photos look like the 1020 motors are designed for that FC and connectors.


Never flown 1020 motors. Don’t know much about them. I’ve only used hardwired 8520s on this FC

Good luck!


They are 10x20mm coreless and the reviews say the larger motor make us for the weight (around 72).