Eachine 011 Mosfet update : Found new cheap 9.3a for our FC

Anyone know 011 FET rating ?

If you change FET on a FC to maximize the output power would need to change the code inside your current firmware ? Or you’ve more step to do before like resistor , capacitor , bec ? Im just a curioua casual who like to learn and test things out by myself.

So far my best FC always been Acrowhoop V2 heavier than any other one but it never failed since day one , but i have so many dead fc laying here and there that i like to salvage.

So my point is trying to test different FETs to get as much as possible power from …1s xD .

"The magic from silverware fc is absolutely amazing "


If someone has a link to learn more about pcb and how to build your own FC , you can leave a comment down below thanks you .

Note to myself reading this atm :



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No need to retune.

Best I can tell the e011 MOSFETs are in the 3-6a range, my guess would be 6a. There are a few options with higher ratings in that package, but not many.

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The best ive found , could be those one : https://ca.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx?Keyword=FDMA410NZ

*9.5a <-------

My B03 pro has FETs marked 2310 which according to this thread is the CYStech MTN2310N3

They appear to spec around 100 milliohm @ 3v gate

My H67 lasts around 3 minutes on a 300 mah cell but I only drain it to 3.7ish and it recovers to 3.80v after flight, so maybe using 75% of it’s total power? i.e. 240 mah in 3 minutes would be 12 amps average current over all 4

3.7v is probably more than 25% remaining capacity so it likely only uses 2-3A per mosfet

If they are pulling 3A @ 3.6v that’s 0.3v drop over the fet (3A * 0.1ohm), so around 0.9W. They are rated for 1.4W

Maybe 4-5A?

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I believe the spec you want to look for in comparing sot-23 mosfets is Rds ON.

That is the resistance when the gate is open. The lower this value - the more power it will throw down out of vbat.

Amp rating needs to be enough too… but it’s not a performance enhancer.

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Thanks all for your feedback and sharing your knowledge .

Ill continue experimenting and reading more about it .

Gonna test stacking 2 Fets by pad and see if it improve something beside being more resistant on amp delivery .

In theory, it’ll give you half the RDS(on), which is a good thing, at the cost of twice the stress on the driver for the MOSFET gate.
If the driver doesn’t explode, you’re good! If the microcontroller gets super hot and cooks… Not so good.

Worth trying though, it’s been on my list for a while, especially for the E011 board I’m using to run 0816 motors.

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Just found those sexy MOSFET for E011 or any Whoop Board ! What do you guys think about them ?


Seems to be Bolt-on ! 3 pads 9.3a

Here a test ive found on youtube