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E013 Upgrades?


Hi Guys completely new here, ive been into drones since they existed just never got one for some reason, his Christmas i was gifted the dji eachine knock off and being the kind of guy i am it took about a week for me to buy a fpv setup with quantum goggles and a small cam (ebay secondhand) , so i swapped out the wifi cam in there hacked the thing to bits and while researching came upon this eachine e013 , had o get one , ive had it bout 2 weeks now and absolutely loving it, have no clue what a real good one feels like so im very happy learning with this setup but my frame has broken , still flyable i just get some wobble when i give some trust in a drop… anyways while ordering the frame i thought id ask people with more experience in the subject as to what I can /should upgrade on this little thing. Appreciate any answers :slight_smile:


The biggest upgrade you can do to that little guy is replace its flight controller with the E011C flight controller then install NotFastEnuf E011 / Bwhoop Silverware Fork (you will need a USB programmer and some software but everything’s explained in that topic).

You will also need a different radio then since it uses a different 2.4GHz protocol (Bayang). The one that comes with E013 is actually really nice for a toy radio so any other toy radio you get will be a downgrade, but you can check some other options here: Dedicated silverware transmitter options

Motors can be reused and E011C board has the same connectors for them, you will just need to solder the camera/vtx wires yourself since E013 has a connector for that and this one doesn’t, but it’s just red wire to + and black wire to - and everything else is just 4 little screws.


thanks man , the e011 is the xmas one right? might aswell just get the whole package as my frame is cracked too , can i use the e013 controller with the e011 without the fork? ill get to doing that too but im on a budget…


E011C is the :santa: one yeah :slight_smile: Sure you can use it with stock firmware, but it’s pretty toned down out of the box (for kids I guess) and flies much nicer with Silverware. But yeah getting the whole package with controller is a better value, just move your camera onto it then and go. Just keep in mind that its frame is different since it has slightly wider motors (7mm vs 6mm on E013). You will probably also want to remove the speaker with Christmas songs after about 1 battery, you can just cut those 2 cables off and remove it, it can be soldered back at any time (even if you flash Silverware, songs are on a different chip :smiley:).

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