E011c (CLK pads)


Got this old board that im trying to revive !
I ripped off the CLK pads by mistake and i can’t flash it anymore. Even with the dedicated one .

Trying to find the schematic so i can solder directly to the chip . Or maybe theres another solution ?

It turns on , bind and such . Oh also i broke the top mounting screw with the red led but as i said it still working .

Here a close up


Thank you !


Well the clk pad is really the data pad (center pads are reverse labeled). Pins pa14 and pa13 are clock and data. Solder straight to them.


Thank you @NotFastEnuf for sorting this out for me ! Surgery time !

STM32CubeMX hmm gonna look at this software ! thanks again NFE


“I LOVE YOU NFE” , damn always learning something love that world so much ! Its alive