E011 silverware - binding problem? (need help decoding lights)

Hey guys,

I’ve been a lurker for a year or so, but I’m stumped.

I have a silverware flashed e011 FC that works fine with the toy controller. It IS set for “Toy_RX” but I don’t know that it would create the problem I’m having.

The problem is, the radio will bind to the FC. However, when it binds, the LEDs blink rapidly and I cannot take off.

TX is a Devo 7e, model setup is just a basic airplane template with the CH6 changed to a simple switch. Unfortunately I don’t have a stock FC handy to test the 7e with a stock FC. However, the stock TX will still bind with the silverware fc no problem. It won’t bind if the Devo 7e is “bound” (obviously)

What do the rapid flashing LEDs on connection mean?

Is there a simple way to troubleshoot/fix this?



some more infos about your Devo7e Tx would be fine to narrow down the problem.

Have you already install the Devation firmware on your TX?

Which protocol you use for the binding prozess?

Have you already install the one or the 3 in 1 Tx modules on your Devo7e that needed to connect to your E011?

And last but not least, have you customized the Silverware firmware for the devo 7e ?

So it did turn out to be the TOY_RX setting, which, if anyone comes across this newbish problem later – you’ll know to try that first ;-). I’m guessing the channel mapping was wrong so I had the wrong commands being sent. Either that, or the below ended up being the issue.

I did find that -sometimes- I need to flip the arm switch up and down to get it to stop flashing rapidly. Probably a max throttle threshhold or a slight adjustment to calibration or mixers I need to make.

Now I just have to figure out the mixers on the Devo 7e to get full pitch and roll travel :P.
^ If anyone has a model setup they can share, that’d be hugely helpful/