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E011 range wierdness


My e011 took a good 40 ft. Fall frame survived but 1 cw motor shaft got bent a little bit. So it squeaks again. Damn it gotta order some motors. But I was able to maintain orientation without freaking out. But the wind kept caring it away. crashed within 15 feet of the trampoline 2 yards over. I figured better to crash and replace then lose the whole damn thing… right?
My e011 has no problem going field goal to field goal on a football field. But when it gets close to a hundred feet straight up in the air it looses connection drops down for a second then picks back up just in time to drop back down For a second. Etc. Etc.


Is the antenna still folded up on top of the PCB? If so, that’s what is going on. There are two slabs of copper in the PCB that are blocking the signal.
If you bend the antenna away from the PCB that should help.


Partially routed through the little hole in pcb


Take the antenna out of the hole you have it stuck through and stick it straight up if possible. A straight antenna gives better range than one bent at 90° and pushed through a circuit board with active electronics and much copper. I’m surprised you get more than 50’ with it as you have it now.


Which module do you use with it?


I don’t stretch my e011’s at all because I mostly fly in the house, but I imagine antenna positioning is critical. One trick I like to do is desoldering the antenna and solder it on the bottom of the FC. This way it comes out next to the battery tray at the bottom, so you can keep it perfectly straight without having to worry about canopy / camera getting in the way. It should come like that imo. :wink:


@Chaotix Done sir
@Saccco the stock tx waiting for the slow boat to bring my multiprotocol. Flysky tx