E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


Just bought a few, slow boat though. I want a bulk order of Benedikt’s 7mm motors, though.


I picked up a few too and a couple of sets of 0716s. For that price it was hard to pass up.


Did the maths and the motors are 16,200kv if anyone wants to know


Found on youtube


So, with my 255 my AUW is around 31g…and almost 74g of thrust?!! NIIIIIICE!

2.4:1 PW RATIO!!


I just flew a few batteries with my new set of insane 0716 MMW motors, and i must say the difference with stock e011 ones is huge. Didn’t fly brushless models yet, and i’m not going to say that this is even close to that, but with these motors you can feel very comfortable flying acro and doing flips and rolls

Yesterday i ordered 2 sets more of those insane 0716 motors. They’re not cheap, by the way, not at all, but there are no cheap alternatives, as far as i know. Don’t forget the discounts from MMW web!!



cool definitely going to make a yakisoba racer myself :joy:
did u take the antenna out of the case it looked like that thing flew far?


The receiver antenna is the first black wire you can see just above the front right duct. Didn’t do a proper range test, but i’m sure it will reach 100-150 meters no problem. It should! :smile:


have you tried using the lego connector on the original canopy to connect the camera by drilling out the bumped up part and putting metal there. also whats the music


didn’t try the lego canopy. Started with a mullet mod canopy from tinywhoop.com, but that canopy is now shattered from so many crashes. I think i prefer the yakisoba canopy over the lego one… hehehe

Music is at the end of the video: Alpha Brutal is the band, Chipsound the song. From Freemusicarchive.com


Couldn’t resist, bought a couple of those frames to try out. Let’s see how long the slow boat takes.


Received mine today, and just finished transplanting my build to it. Had to cut camera mount, any of my fpv cameras would fit in that narrow mount. Not sure about it, but right now i’m gonna test it


Is it less flexy than E011 Frame from quick hand twist test? Sure does look good. I like that it is see-through plastic. Generally more expensive to make and should hopefully be better quality. I like the shape of the struts too


The design is beautiful, much more than e011 frame, and it’s also better designed, with struts forming a square and a ring inside that square, it looks more prepared to crashes. But not so sure about the material. Not as flexy as the e011 one, looks fragile to me… But let’s see


Ooh man. This is the last piece of the perfect whoop I was waiting for. How long was delivery? I’ll probably reinforce struts before first flight. Let us know how it holds up


9 days in total, shipped to spain, and very well packaged. Right now i’m walking towards my flying spot. I’ll let you know, and maybe show you some dvr footage


Bear in mind those X-Racer frames only take these narrow form-factor batteries:


Yep, unless you trim the battery holder and put a rubber band instead… That’s just what i had to do


By the way, after 9 packs i already broke a strut of the xracer frame. I had to do 40 or 50 packs until i broke an e011 strut :confused: