E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


He might just be!

A good shout burtlo - I think I’ll grab a couple of canopies, I had a crack at vacuum forming but my down and dirty version was quick and ugly. No finesse you see.

No items for sale… doh!


I would love to as well @burtlo but there are no items for sale via that link


You guys must be out of the US. International shipping is a killer on a small box so my ebay store is US only. Doesn’t make it worth it. You’re too kind to offer support … but the fun that you’re having with it is thanks enough for me! Glad it’s working well!


…and now that you’re here … pull up a seat -stay awhile! This is a great community here and we’re happy to have you!


Ain’t that the truth :grinning: Thanks for that .


Hi @NotFastEnufxxx :yum:
With your experience and reports It is like you are pushing us to go in the E011 field :joy:
Well I need one now !
Please tell me what is, from your experience, the best setup (as I paused my whooping experience with E010, beecore, fast MMW insane CL-0615-19 and TX01)
I just ordered a stock E011 and I was thinking on the CM275T (is that the best vtx for whoop these days ?) + MMW CL-0716-17 and for sure a canopy (I need your feedback to where I can get canopy)


So… Today I learnt, that the NotFastEnuf full acro comes into its own with the speed selector sctivated on the standard controller. :slight_smile:
‘O’ Boy what a difference.

I thought the flash was good until i selected the speed switch on the standard controller.
3d is a new thing to me.

LOS 3d is something else too.

A point to add , , how many full power slams can this little E011 can take? A spare coupla sets of props an batts and this thing is practically unbreakable.


Slams wise: a lot. Mine is still alive somehow!

Greener now though, I did some forest whooping.


I’ve actually been running one with no camera line of sight too!! TONS of fun and fearless slamming into the ground over and over. The speeds are INSANE! I will suggest 2 things for you on LOS…

  1. Get something to make the stock canopy taller cause a good square inverted hit can land totally on the prop hubs and jam in the motor shafts killing your motors. (I’ve done this a few times now). Tape a block of foam to it or something.
  2. Oh but my goodness how are you ever flying this on the stock controller!!! You sir must have skills that FAR surpass mine - no way I could do it. Get yourself a hobby grade controller for this thing and it will blow your mind how smooth and predictable the stick feel and control is!

I do kill props regularly also!


I flew fpv outside on the new MMW motors today and as @Bobnova mentioned … they have much more power than stock and are able to force out some bad behavior in the tune … especially in super hard banked turns - like the pid controller just gets swamped and gives out a bit. I think the I term anti windup is what is kicking in and cutting short holding the flight line. I’m going to experiment with letting I term wind up more to see if that helps it hold true. I will keep the thread posted on my findings when i get a chance to advance the tune for these powerhouse motors. The behavior only presents outside - no possible way to force it out inside. It’s still very flyable but we will make it better!


Do you know rpm/kv for the stock e011 motors? Just to compare with upgraded ones. I’ve been flying some packs tonight and i’m in love with my new 7mm whoop and how fast and responsive it is, but of course it could be more powerful and that would be great :slight_smile:


I want to say they are 60k. The upgraded ones are not a ton faster in rating … but seem to have a bunch more torque in the upper rpm band. It’s not always about rpm rating, the power curve of the motors is just flat out better. Inside you can’t really crank it up to the point that it is super noticeable but outside they are night and day stronger - lots more grunt on the low end and more precise control on the high end. So much so that i need to completely retune silverware to keep the power on track!


Nice! Thanks for the info. Tonight i just lost a quad in a tree, so maybe a new powerful 7mm whoop would mitigate the loss. Oh god, i just ordered a set of 0716 motors from MMW before finishing this comment… :open_mouth:


You won’t regret it … If you fly hard the stock motors won’t last you long anyway so you’ll need them. Sucks about the quad in the tree… I’ve been in three this week! Fishing pole with a large lead weight, a lot of casting, and even more shaking has gotten them all back. Good luck!!


I like the green and white look. :slight_smile:


+1 broken strut, +1 broken prop, some wear on my paint job, but oh-the-things-this-quad-has-seen-and-done…

Replacement frames are far away at this point, but I’ve got my white E011 ready for transplant. CA will give me a little more time for now…


Smack some red sharpie on your paint job. Makes it look good as new!


ughhh, that is pristine… .and quite pretty too. I mean a seriously gorgeous shroud/cover. I could turn that into an ocean of cracks in less than two days. There is nowhere near enough superglue and tape on that to ever be in my stall

Thrash it. beat the living daylights out of it. Like the red headed stepson. :wink:

I am actually so uber impressed by this little fella I have started taking it for constant walks. Every 40-50 mins and it’s time for another walk. 3 batts, tag the daughter along for some Pokemon Go… me chasing, and aaaaawaaay We go! -

I am on the stock controller still. Waiting for BG to deliver the multi for over 1 month now.

A good point though is that the stock controller plus the diminutive size means I can secrete the E011 and ave a crafty flight wherever I may be.

This is Zippin like a mad-un in British Summertime Suburbia whilst walking down the street with my girl.

Beginning to love LOS.


Anyone have experience with this frame? 7mm mounts and @ $2usd, super cheap. If you roll with the canopy their f3 fc, vtx, camera all in one ($58us) doesn’t look like a bad choice either. Throw some 0716s on this. Strongly considering this setup. Anyone have opinions on using this frame? Did a forum search but didn’t find anything.


Never seen it before, looks interesting though.