E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


Good stuff Burtlo. If anyone asks Ill shoot em your way.


Thank you, @CRayTech! I look forward to helping others.


Yeah great job @burtlo. Making videos is not easy and you are a natural :grinning:


I know that the info is here in this thread but in the interest of expediency, sorry :slight_smile:

To fly a hacked E011 with a Devo 7E you need the latest Deviation with Bayang protocol selected in the model file but just the standard inbuilt TX module is that correct please.


You will need a nrf module installed


Thanks I wasn’t sure. I have one in my Devo but I am sending a friend in the States one as a gift so I need to know everything that he needs :smiley:


Can’t believe how deep you are into stuff like that @NotFastEnuf. If I read all your posts I don’t even understand half of it. Really amazing what you’re doing.

So please enlighten me.
Would it be possible to fly a silverised e011 with a FrSky Q X7 and this module?

If so I may buy a st-link and give it that a try.

Edit: ok. Saw that the above linked module supports Bayang protocol. So it should work.
Need to get a st-link thingie.
This should do it, right?
Oh and I have to become familiar with a FrSky tx. Will be challenging for a Spektrum guy like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


You’re right on the money! That would all work great. As far as how deep I’m in … yeah its pretty bad. Hahaha. I think it’s the engineering background that drives me into that subterranean level - had I known I would one day be applying that knowledge to this I probably would have paid even closer in school. :wink:

Keep in mind, in my opinion, that the limitation of the silverized e011 is acro only. There is a dual mode code but it just won’t rip as well. It can’t be tuned up the way acro only can. If acro only works for you … dive in! If you want both modes … better to put a betaflight fc in. :smile:


Acro only all the way!


I’ll give it a try. Just for fun and to learn sth. But don’t know when I’ll find time. Anyway, stlink ordered.
Q7 arrived yesterday at home and module should come soon.
Man, I ordered way too much stuff while being trapped in hospital, haha.
But it’s nice to come home and find some parcels. On Thursday is the day we’re heading home again.

For outdoor FPV flying I definitely prefer acro. So I’m curious to check out your tune and hopefully the new 0716-17s too.

Ah @NotFastEnuf I pmed you concerning canopies. No hurry.


@NotFastEnuf, how can I compile a version of the acro ware to match the PIDs of the stock E011? I was thinking of keeping things as similar as possible when I try to test @Benedikt’s new 7mm motors. I’ve got two E011s, one stock, one silverized, and I’m hoping to fly them as similarly as I can.


You trying to accomplish auto level or stock pids? I can dig up an auto level version for you… it will just fly terribly if you switch it to acro mode and try to do anything aggressive. Pids just means it’s tuned well - how you fly is how you fly.


Stock PIDs and rates, please.

p.s. an Auto Level tune would be cool to have on file, IMHO.


Ok, I will dig you up an auto level file but it is completely un- tuned and has many bad and annoying flight characteristics. For whatever reason - I found it near impossible to tune them out and stopped wasting my time on it. Too much effort required for something I had no interest in using. Available time was a factor too…

Also, there is no such thing as “stock” pids. There is only pids that are well tuned and pids that aren’t. The pids for my acro file are tuned well. If you want more stock feeling rates - like a blade nano qx - just change the rates in the config.h file to 360 and remove all expo (set to 0). That will actually feel very similar to the way it does now near center stick but you just won’t be able to flip cause it will rotate too slowly.


Ah, there we go. I really wanted “rates”, not “PIDs”. #newb


So, minor update in my experimentation process… @NotFastEnuf’s firmware was set to the following:

#define MAX_RATE 860.0
#define MAX_RATEYAW 500.0
#define EXPO_XY 0.8
#define EXPO_YAW 0.6

I’ve compiled two firmware binaries, only adjusting rates and expo: 1) pitch and roll rate = 360; expo = 0 (“close to stock”), and 2) pitch and roll rate = 720; expo = 0.5

You can get them from my shared Gdrive folder: https://burtlo.info/e011-bins/

With these, you don’t need the Keil dev environment, but can simply use the ST-LINK Utility for flashing your E011. They are the same as @NotFastEnuf’s firmware (as of May 26 2017), with slower rates.


You may want to fly those and compare … my setup actually feels softer than “stock” rates close to center and in mid stick… you may even find its easier to fly. It just rotates fast enough to do a flip at stick ends.

Did you particularly find my rate and expo combination challenging to fly?


Not particularly after I tried a few, but I’m still at the edge of comfort with acro, thus all this attention on this firmware. After a little time with yours, I slowed my sticks down enough to deal. Overall, my piloting acro is improving, and I’m even more aware of different builds with different rates.

This last exercise was also about me practicing the compiling and flashing process with my Windows environment.


Thank you NotFastEnuf,

What a blast I am having with your Acro only mode version of the E011.

I had to join just to say thanks. A dip of the hat to you kind fellow. Do you have a patron page or something so a bloke could tip you a wee bit for the superlative work you have already performed.


Not to speak for @NotFastEnuf, but you could always purchase some of his excellent canopies for FPV cams: http://www.ebay.com/usr/viperjet90?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

He’s a keeper, huh?