E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


Yep me too! Don’t forget to explore other boards that can be flashed with silverware … it’s the software that flies so good - not necessarily the e011 board itself. But this board has a nice footprint for light clean builds! I’m saving up for another one now! I need the motors for my e011 (second set already tired) but I want the fc for an 8.5mm build on a cf frame!

My brother just left my house and I sent him away with my beecore whoop. It’s the one I build in my shanghai mullet install video. I have no use for a betaflight whoop now. Lol. He did his first acro flight yesterday. I thought of you @CRayTech. His flights reminded me of yours!


Thats a good idea I should check out some of the other boards out. I really like the H8 mini. I love Acro I tried to fly my E010 the other day and it just wasnt the same at all.


Just received my E011, but it won’t connect to my Deviated Devo 7e. Any ideas?

I got two, so I’ll silverize one for sure, but wouldn’t want to acro with the toy transmitter.


Bayang protocol?
Do they work with the toy transmitter?


Works with the toy. Using same protocol as my E010 – MJXq with E010 format


I need to send you two E011 FC’s…my newest one just got here, but I have to go into town to pick it up…will hit you up on PM when i get ready to send out…I’m a Betaflight boy! :smiley:


Gotta switch protocol to Bayang, it’s much closer to an H8 than an E010. I did exactly the same thing.


oooooooooooohhhhh… Silly me, I’m getting lazy… I didn’t scroll through to see that there was a protocol literally called “Bayang”. Works!


Yeah that is exactly what I did. lol


Beauty my E011 should be here soon so I’ll be pestering you if I get stuck Bert :slight_smile:

If I had time, which I don’t :slight_smile: a Wiki like the silverxxx one for the H8 would be great. I suppose there might be some info about these already on that Wiki, I haven’t looked in a while.


Glad you’re in the air! Now let’s silverize that thing! Haha


You’re my hero! My canopy shop is yours for whatever you need!


I’m about to… gonna document that part of the process.


I just tried flashing my E011 using the precompiled bin in your project zip. i get four blinks from my LEDs now, and nothing else. are the wires labelled correctly, unlike the H8 blue board? i presume they are.


Btw, I tried using the vias at the front of the board… mistake?


Nope, you’re right on point except for the precompiled bin. That is probably left over from the bwhoop file that I modified. 4 flashes is code for missing gyro. Open the project in keil, build it, and flash from there. That is where all the code changes are for the e011.


That did it! Thanks, @NotFastEnuf!


Migrated my mullet+cam from my E010. Buffing out the flame mullet and the Johnny Cash… not sure which is going to feel more appropriate. :smile:


That canopy is a good choice for the e011. It is the toughest design I have made. Something about the angles instead of the smooth curves of the mullet make it stronger. I’ve been able to dent in the mullet style one on a few really bad crashes with tge extra weight of an e011 … but I was flying ridiculous fast at the time too. But the dents push out with no permanent damage so it’s all personal preference.

Can’t wait for a flight report!!!


I’ve hit the mullet hard enough to change vtx channel and invert the video feed (two crashes).
No permanent damage though.