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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


The gyro 117 register is read and compares to the list of known addresses in sixaxis.c … All you need to do is connect up your board… Start the debugger in keil with the sixaxis file open, click run to start the code going, and then hover the mouse over the variable that’s reading the 117 register in the gyro check code in sixaxis. That will tell you right there what address to put in your list. Easy peasy



Ok, after going through this post, and the other NFE post looking for everything to do with the ‘extra’ sx/+/- pads on the e011c/santa whoop perhaps someone can help me…

I’ve seen the response that using that pad will cause flashing in the future to be an issue, which really doesn’t bother me much at all. I have a nice hd cam/vtx/dvr combo salvaged from another drone, which I’d like to be able to use with my santa whoop, as on board hd recording is just a big ol ‘yes please’. The cam has a +/- and a third wire, which sends the command to take a photo/start video recording (I can successfully start recording by bridging that wire to anything else on the board). In the config.h file, I can see there is a channel 7 photo and 8 video (or was it 8 and 9? one or the other), and I’m wondering if I can use that open SX as a command to start/stop video recording on that dvr.

I can provide pictures and anything else that anyone needs to help this noob out. I’ve got to the point I have the camera mounted, and to start video I hold the wire on a gnd/- for 2 seconds to start recording, but I’d much rather use a gesture/aux to trigger it, so I can seal up my whoop and be done with it, and finally go fly the little bugger again.

Thanks to any who can help me out with this!



There is an option where you can use a channel to turn the FPV on and off but a transistor it MOSFET(can’t remember which one) is needed to control it #define FPV_ON CHAN_OFF


The code is there so I think you’ll need to define a channel and connect it to CLK

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Oh my god, thank you Yets!!! It’ll take me some time to figure out, as this is all so new to me, but that seems to be the right direction! Woohoo, tinkering time! :smiley: