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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


On the Bwhoop board there is a connector soldered, it is used for the FPV camera.


Got a problem with my E011 , Just erased the board and unlocked .

But now STLINK wont connect , when i plug the lipo the board light up for a split second and nothing ? Bricked ?

I tried SBUS in config.h but didnt work so i wanted to go back and erases the firmware to reupload the Notfastenuf one …Weird weird :frowning:

If someone has a idea whats going on let me know thx !

Update : Only Got 1 steady Red light , just like a FC with a wrong Firmware on betaflight. Theres probably nothing to do since theres no Boot technic like classic Fc euh ?

Update 2 : Fixed by using the +5v pad directly on the board !

Update 3 : Negative ! Still getting a Steady Red light when connected with Lipo ! The board Blue and Red light blink then stop and got that steady Red light ! Reflashed by using the 5v pad but cant use it at all :frowning: ! hmm


That’s strange. Did you change the hardware line back to #define E011 ?
Also you might not want to connect the 5v of the STlink and a battery together because this can cause damage.


Do you mean you flashed it with SBUS config first thing? I haven’t tried that, but the Silverware Wiki does mention that, since the SBUS repurposes the SWCLK pin, you can only program in the first 2 seconds after power up. Are you working really fast to program the board? :slight_smile:



I agree… you have to be quick on the draw after trying sbus on e011. I’m going to experiment with removing a led and tapping sbus there so it doesn’t interfere with flashing


Ofc Jbee i didnt plugged the lipi and the 5v pin together.

Had to use the 5v pin to flash it back . But it didnt fix it . Now when i plug the lipo for split seconde i got blue and red blink (once) and the red led stay steady nothing else .

Also i did comment #define sbus and went back to bayang protocol , ( using stock controller ).

Flashed back with keil. Power cycle and no still nothing . Might take my heatgun and start salvaging…

Ill wait first till i find out or someone else do .

Got STLINK and a FTDI adapter just in case .


Sorry folks to butt in. I’m a bit under pressure and I need expertise of you. Got 4 boards of the santawhoop. 2 of them I can flash and they react as expected. The 2 other they start flashing the LED 4times. I changed a crystal on one of the boards but no behaivior change.
TX is FS I6X with multiprotocol I6X. Binding with factory image is fine.
Any tips?


Strange. Four flashes is a gyro issue (not found). Are they all exactly the same board? Do you have pics for comparison?


Thks for the quick reply. I’ve got 4 boards. 2 with the m540 gyro and they work fine but the other ones with the MP65M (MPU6050) they show the Gyro problem. I even changed the crystal but same hickup.
I can make a picture but I have no microscope so I guess it is useless. Silverware wiki shows 4 schematics and the B03 is equal to the boards which show the gyro I/F problem. E011 on the same side do work fine. (The boards do not have a Barometer!!).
Any tips?


Edit: Every I2C chip needs a certail address. If this address is not correct no one can talk to them. I have seen 2 general addresses in the source file but do not know how to change them and if this is even the right way.



Comment out line 67 in hardware.h to disable the gyro check and see if it starts up and works correctly. @qmike
M540, M681, M65M are all the same pinout and function but have different ids.


Yes, it does come up and even binding is working properly.

So it can be traved down to i2c issue?

Thks chotix, good advise to chase the problem.


It’s fine to run it with gyro check disabled as long as functionality is confirmed. NFE is about to chip in here…


No nothing to do with i2c speed or type. I recommend you use my defaults there. What happens is the gyro has a “who am I” register… And the firmware reads the register and compares it it a list of known values. It you have a gyro returning an ID not on the list you get 4 blinks.

Disable gyro check is fine for a quick solution


OK, I leave the #define DISABLE_GYRO_CHECK uncommented for the time being. quad is working fine.
Many thanks to you for this quick and effective answers.

For NotFastEnuf the chip is MP65M and seems to come from InvenSense. Slave address is given b110100X which should be 98H (#define GYRO_ID_2 0x98 // new id). If you don’t have the HW on hand I can give it a try according to your advise.
Again many thks or your help and great support!


Funny, I stumbled across the same issue today. Unfortunately only one board, so I wasn’t able to compare :wink: Good point on the different Gyro chips. I wasnt aware of that


So we are at least 2 being helped among others who only read the “solution”. :smile:

Anyway, I would like to hear how to fix those issue in a proper way. I guess SW need a slight change.
I love this SW very much which enables anyone adopting own changes and sharing this with other pilots.


Yes the proper solution is to identify the value of gyro register 117 - the “who am i” register and replace one of the values in the list of known IDs which is located in your target section of config.h. :smile:


I’m on my way for a one week vacation. After I return I may check via a logic/protocol analyzer of what is going on the bus. Also I guess I’ll read the documentation of the gyro careful and I hope it will become obvious of what is going on.
Anymore tips?

By the way I was wrong yesterday because b110100X is (according to the schematics) b1101000 (AD0 = GND). So 6(b0110) 8(b1000) Hex is right as slave address.