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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


On the Bwhoop board there is a connector soldered, it is used for the FPV camera.


Got a problem with my E011 , Just erased the board and unlocked .

But now STLINK wont connect , when i plug the lipo the board light up for a split second and nothing ? Bricked ?

I tried SBUS in config.h but didnt work so i wanted to go back and erases the firmware to reupload the Notfastenuf one …Weird weird :frowning:

If someone has a idea whats going on let me know thx !

Update : Only Got 1 steady Red light , just like a FC with a wrong Firmware on betaflight. Theres probably nothing to do since theres no Boot technic like classic Fc euh ?

Update 2 : Fixed by using the +5v pad directly on the board !

Update 3 : Negative ! Still getting a Steady Red light when connected with Lipo ! The board Blue and Red light blink then stop and got that steady Red light ! Reflashed by using the 5v pad but cant use it at all :frowning: ! hmm


That’s strange. Did you change the hardware line back to #define E011 ?
Also you might not want to connect the 5v of the STlink and a battery together because this can cause damage.


Do you mean you flashed it with SBUS config first thing? I haven’t tried that, but the Silverware Wiki does mention that, since the SBUS repurposes the SWCLK pin, you can only program in the first 2 seconds after power up. Are you working really fast to program the board? :slight_smile:



I agree… you have to be quick on the draw after trying sbus on e011. I’m going to experiment with removing a led and tapping sbus there so it doesn’t interfere with flashing


Ofc Jbee i didnt plugged the lipi and the 5v pin together.

Had to use the 5v pin to flash it back . But it didnt fix it . Now when i plug the lipo for split seconde i got blue and red blink (once) and the red led stay steady nothing else .

Also i did comment #define sbus and went back to bayang protocol , ( using stock controller ).

Flashed back with keil. Power cycle and no still nothing . Might take my heatgun and start salvaging…

Ill wait first till i find out or someone else do .

Got STLINK and a FTDI adapter just in case .