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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


I just found a brand new E011 flight Controller I can throw this on. I thought all the FCs I had were toast.


@Bobnova - 7mm whoop
@CRayTech - sweet! What are you gonna build it up with? I have different pids for other build types.

I also successfully ran the 7mm pids on a 6mm whoop (not possible before on old versions - it used to need a different tune). Thanks guys!

Also @CRayTech - have you been toasting e011 boards??? And how???


Will do! Certainly this weekend, maybe even tonight.


@NotFastEnuf well you see me and concrete have this love hate relationship. A couple times we went to blows and sadly the E011 didnt make it out alive.


Do you still have the old boards. … it’s usually just the crystal that breaks. Easy fix


I do still have them. One grounded out on impact and shorted both the camera and FC. The other cracked the xn297lbw


The grounded out one sounds fixable. The other would require a donor chip.


OK guys - here is something new to try. I pulled down my old link because I had broken something in the dual mode config file. Not sure exactly how, but the two projects, dual and acro only, are supposed to share a config.h file and somehow I had messed that up.

On a positive note - I have seen enough reports now that acro only is making the weird 500khz low pwm sound and I am not sure why. BUT - the dual mode code is not making it for me so anyone that could test and confirm that would be greatly appreciated.

IMPORTANT!!! - If you had idle up set in your devo transmitter before - get rid of it and activate ch 5 on a switch. Idle up is now in the code and will arm on devo ch 5.


@Bobnova…calling @Bobnova


Did a bunch of testing tonight.
This is the new hotness. Discard your old and busted.

If you want to continue to use your TX for idle up and use devo_channel_5 as arm/disarm (like I do) change line 174 in Config.h to read “#define IDLE_THR 0.00f” (no quotes) instead of 0.05f, that’ll make CH5 arm/disarm, and you can idle-up in TX. The throttle range is better in this version than previous as well, idle up only needs to be 1 or 2 points now, I used to have to use almost 15.

config.h also has rates up towards the top. lines 9 and 10 for final °/second, lines 24/25 for expo.

Thanks for putting in the hours on this @NotFastEnuf!


And just to clarify - acro only has issues. Stick to the dual mode code now!


Is there a benefit to using the firmware define for Idle up rather than Devo?


They essentially perform the exact same function so not really if you are already happy with your idle up in the devo.


Hi. Thanks for your post. How do I change these values? Is there a text file I can just change in Notepad or do I have to load something up in Keil or something? I would like to seriously increase expo on pitch and roll and change idle up since I use the stock controller. I will have to test once my 10 motors are delivered since one of my motors make a loud noise and heats up a lot.


Currently idle up/arm is set to a devo channel. You’d need to change that to a button on the stock transmitter. Edit the config.h in Keil.


Thank you. I don’t have a devo transmitter and I would actually like to keep using the stock controller (even though I have a Taranis Q X7 available for use with a multiprotocol module).

I assume that, like in my Taranis, each button on the transmitter has an assigned channel, correct? So all I would need to do is somehow find the correct channel for, say the stock Headless Mode button and somehow make it arm/disarm? Sorry. I’m new. I just followed a video tutorial on how to fly Acro with the E011.


By the way, if anyone is looking for very cheap motors for the E011 (cheapest I could find), here’s an ebay link to 10pcs for $4.39 (USD). https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F371820005326
They come out to about 44 cents a piece, though you will have to direct solder them to the FC since they don’t come with connectors.


Just to keep everyone updated… I will have one final release of my NFE e011 silverware. I have one last gremlin to work out which has be3n a yaw wag pulling out of a dive that has been present since the first version. I need to wait in new batteries to arrive so that I’m sure everything is good on strong packs too. When I get done, it will be ready for building dives! I’m going to post a few different versions in my final release too: 7mm and 6mm whoop as well as some tunes for using the fc in other builds that are non whoop like my Boss Series frames.


Hey @NotFastEnuf, thank you for all your awesome dedication and development!
Where can I find the latest and greatest version of your e011 silverware?


I’ll post some links here tonight. I just got fresh batteries and a fresh set of motors - was ripping a late night garage session - and whacked the garage door at full clip. Lol. Killed my my first camera beyond repair with iron or heat gun. So I only got one pack in on fresh parts but it felt good. Just to give you an update on what has changed - the new version is a dual mode code base - It has angle mode and it also arms on a switch with idle up (airmode) engaged. I also backed setpoint weights off a tiny bit for a more fluid stick feel. If any of this sounds like features you want to try out … go ahead and dive in. Otherwise I could not really improve on the tune much. It’s quite similar. Stay tuned… will get that post up tonight!


Ok NFE let me onow when you have true idle up figured out like in a heli (lmao) just teasing great job on keep it all up to date