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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


New comer here and getting into 7mm Whooping. Have a question because the info on flashing the eachine board is overwhelming and haven’t seen it mentioned. Can it be flashed with an Arduino?


You need an stlink to flash it. They are a couple bucks on ebay. Canino did an awesome tutorial video after we got his flashed. I think @CRayTech did one too.


Thats what I figured but thought I’d ask. I have one in my Amazon cart as we speak. Thank you :wink:


Bad weather is approaching and I decided to convert my E011 to acro (4 month of reported project :wink: )
I already flashed SilverXXX firmware in the past on the mini H8 with no problems and it flew great but today impossible to flash a thing !

I always have this error while connecting via STM32 ST-LINK utility:

For sure it is impossible to erase the stock firmware in Keil:

My soldering is not the problem because I tried both connections:
1> Soldering pins on the 3 pads CLK, DAT, GND (reversed CLK and DAT)
2> Simple connector on the front pins SWCLK, SWDIO, GND

What do I do wrong ?
I have updated my ST link V2 with last firmware (V2.J28.S7)
I have uninstalled + installed again Keil + the ST LINK drivers (en.stsw-link009.zip)

Please help :flushed:

Edit : I also duplicate this post in rcgroups thread for maximum results


OK problem solved and I give all the answer to that problem (thanks to @Yets on rcgroups ) :
Open up St-Link, go to Target down menu and find Option Bytes… Under option bytes change protection to 0. It should be set to 1, don’t change it to 2


That’s great you got it going!


No problem at all, glad you’re flying :slight_smile:


And it flys !!!
I will try it tomorrow on FPV :blush:


Hi. I tried a 150mAh battery from a broken Furibee F36 instead of the stock 260 mAh and the performance improvement is incredible. My camera is at about a 30 degree angle and I can give full throttle and pitch forward to the point where my camera is horizontal without losing altitude. I can only go about halfway with the stock battery. I can also do flips easily without losing much/any altitude, whereas I almost always touch the ground after a flip with the stock battery. I would have never imagined what a 2g difference can make. I was so disappointed with stock performance before this change. Just ordered 5 more 150 mAh batteries.

Didn’t mean to reply to anyone in particular. I’m new.


First off … WELCOME @David !!

Love your report! You are absolutely right - weight is always key followed only by the condition of our components! Funny enough - I had quite the exact opposite experience with the 260 out performing the 150. I wonder if my 150’s and your 260’s are both just in poor shape. In fact I am quite positive my 150’s are at the end of their life cycle.

Also - there is some breaking news on the e011 silverware front. SilverXXX has found a way to increase the i2c speeds over 40% on the e011 flight controller. This is game changing news. Potentially dual mode firmware that flies as good as acro only… and maybe acro only that flies even better!!! I have not had a chance to download it or experiment with it yet but i will keep you all posted of my progress as I get to it!!!

This is REALLY BIG NEWS!! I’ll explain how this works and why as soon as I get a bit more time to sit down :wink:


Here are the details from Silver


Great news !!!
I will follow that carefully.
I just flew the thing with acro only notfastenuf firmrware and I like it better than my previous E010, beecore f3 with MMW motors ! I had less prop wash and that is great !
With my experience I flew first my old 200mAh whoop lipo but when I plugged my unique stock 260mAh waah the thing was almost more reactive and I doubled the flight time (almost 4mn). I have ordered the pack of 5 on Bgg for many more flights.
I will post a vid soon.
Thanks notfastenuf for share your work with us :slight_smile:


That’s weird. My 150mAh batteries are a few months old while the 260mAh is a few days old.

Anyway, I think I’m done with tiny whoops. One of the motors on my E011 just seized up and it doesn’t spin anymore from a VERY minor crash. Similar things have happened to essentially all of my previous tiny quads (fried FC, etc). So far, I’ve gone through about 5 quads and 2 AIO cameras in 2 months. The components just seem far too delicate and the cost quickly adds up considering I spent $130 on my 5inch and I’ve had almost no issues with it in the same amount of time.


Yeah I lost an e011 motor without crashing on 2 of them on the first day. Lol I feel your pain. I typically use the e011 fc flashed with silverware and in other builds where cheap brushed motors are available for 1$ each. That makes for cheap good flying fun.


Where do you get $1 7mm brushless motors that are compatible with the E011? It might be worth to keep trying at that price.


That I haven’t found yet. But there are boldclash 18kv for 6mm at 20 for 20$. 8.5mm hubsan replacements can be found on ebay or aliexpress 20 for 20$. These will be close to affordable when they come out
The bwhoop replacement motors are a decent option too… this was just the first link I found
They’re probably out there on a 20pcs set too


Awesome. The eBay ones looks promising. At the Bangood price of $3 per motor, the cost to replace them is unreasonably high. Replacing all4 would almost the price of the quadcopter. Thanks for the links. I guess I will give it another try. Hopefully there is a way to add Air mode because regular acro messes with my flips and I sometimes end up full throttle to the ground.


There was a recent note on hit hub about adding idle up. I just do it in my transmitter.

I also just ordered a set of the bwhoop motors myself. I’m gonna put mine on a boss 7mm frame with some 50mm x9 props tho


I need some guinea pigs to help me test this - no promises its perfect yet but looking for feedback. Particularly if you get a low PWM sound in your motors - about 1khz- ish sound

link removed - new link added lower

@Bobnova - please sir…


Will give it a shot tonight. What sort of quad should it go into?