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E011 7mm Newcomer - Now hacked for acro


Cool I was going to buy more motors and upgrade to JST 2.0 batteries and connectors for my 6mm quad, but I saw this thread and it seems like the 0716 Eachine E011 might be the way to go. 17 USD doesn’t seem like much to try it out lol!

Kind of strange that the whole quad can be bought for 17 USD whereas a set of 0716 motors cost over 20 USD on most sites.

Does anyone know the difference in the motor KV between stock and the insane ones on MMW? A lot of people are saying stick is just fine, but what’s the difference in thrust and lifetime?


Lifetime should be the same. They always say 5or 6 hours. But in terms of power there’s a huge difference. I think MMW insane motors are around 17000kv, and i didn’t find kvs or rpms for stock motors, but they should be around 12000kv or less


The “Insanes” from MMW are significantly more fun, but then they set themselves up to be punished thoroughly because they provided so much more room to play. The stocks are fun, but it’s hard to be satisfied with them after the insanes, at least for me. $20 is rich for my wallet, though, so I’ve only had the one set so far, and got them for a song when Benedikt first (re-)introduced them. IIRC, 0716 has been around, but not popular as a form factor until now, with all the other components coming up to parity.


Shroedinger shipping :laughing: Love that. Totally true, but it’ easier to assume that the frame is bent 99% of times (that’s my own experience)


I’m pretty new to betaflight controllers.

Will my Acrowhoop V2 FC flashed with Picoblx work on the E011 with some PID tuning, or does the coding behind the scenes use lengths and motor sizes i.e. the PID on the Acrowhoop V2 works only for 6mm motors (power and voltage) on a standard Eachine E010 frame?


The code is not specific to using any certain equipment … that is exactly the purpose of pid tuning - sounds like you’re on the right path. To make the hardware and software fly properly with the equipment you have. That said, the defaults in the software are created for a 5" brushless… so don’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong making large changes.


What flight time are you guys getting with stock motors and a 3.4 g AIO camera?

Also, is the lipo holder the same size as the E010 because I have a crazepony foam adapter I can use to switch out for the longer lipos? It looks a bit different in the pics.


It’s a little different but your foam will work. Stock e011 flight times are between 4 and 5 min fpv.


Finally did the acro E011 mod last night, and holy moly! How the heck do you guys keep control of this thing indoors? I’m running the stock motors, too, for now.

I’ve used the H8 mini acro mod for a while, and thought I had the hang of toy-acro, but this is an entirely different beast.

Is it at all controllable with the toy Tx, or do I really need to find a way to use one of my real ones?


I would say you really need a real tx. Lol. It’s a little beast and I have that acro mode tweaked for all out acro performance. I spend a lot of time with throttle chopped off and blasts of full throttle … so you need an idle up switch on a real tx to keep the props spinning and the craft under control at 0 throttle.

My file flown as posted earlier in this thread with a devo 8. Quite a mixture of flying types/styles possible on a good radio eith the file as is from blistering fast to indoor acro to slow and precise proximity. No way I could do any of this on a stock tx.


Thanks–I just ordered the FlySky Multiprotocol adapter. I can’t wait to be able to fly my small fleet of toy quads properly–I have an H8, two E010s, and an E011 all using the stock Tx.

Which mullet canopy is that for the E011?


That would be my mullet canopy. I call it “the shanghai mullet” since I made it to fit Chinese frames. I’ve become sort of infamous in a small corner of the hobby as a canopy builder from these things. Send me a message if you’re interested. I’ll actually be busting out a session tonight making a whole pile of them if I can get both my kids to sleep at the same time😉


Here’s a new frame, from Chad South on Facebook – $20, handmade out of Delrin, very strong, fits 8.5mm motors. The mounting holes are made for the E010, but I told him about the E011 board, and here’s how I’m fitting it thus far.

Leveraging the JST connector that I soldered to the front of the board (for firmware loading), I’m reading 3.9V out of the “V+” lead there, enough for a cam. Swapping wires in a two-wire JST will let me connect a cam easily:

Dry fitting a @NotFastEnuf canopy:

Sizing and clipping props to fit:

Not quite done… the E010S batts (150mAh 45C) start blinking the FC pretty quickly due to current draw, so I’m thinking I’ll need to swap battery+leads.

Preliminary weight without battery is under 40g.


Oh, and this is another E011 transplant, into a Ragg-E frame:


Smartass! That is brilliant lol


I’m curious to see how that works out. I have concerns of voltage sag from hungry motors and the additional load of a camera on the regulator or any noise the camera may be generating upsetting the mcu.


Finally got my adapter for my FlySky i6 to control the E011s, will head out tonight to finally try this outside. What camera angle are people using for the Silverized version? (i.e., how aggressive is this thing, really?)


I think mine is 15-20ish, not really sure.


Just fly whatever camera angle you feel comfortable with. If you’re using my acro file … then your controls in acro should feel really good around center stick and if you push full stick it will roll or flip nicely. What is the most important is that you set up an “idle up” switch on your tx. Find the lowest throttle value that spins the props … and scale from there to 100% throttle on your radio. The other position of your switch and be a flat line with throttle at zero. This will be like an arming switch and will give you control even when your throttle drops to zero in the air like when you do a flip or a roll or you are in a dive. Happy flying and have fun!


My build